Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jul 26, 2021; 9(21): 6073-6080
Published online Jul 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i21.6073
Table 1 Timeline
Jan 1, 2010Diagnosed with hypertension
Sep 25, 2019Presented with trembling right hand
Mar 15, 2020Presented with trembling hands, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and treated with Madopar (125 mg three times a day) and Selegiline (5 mg once a day)
Jun 22, 2020Presented with a forward gait
Aug 2, 2020Unstable blood pressure, up to 220/112 mmHg, and as low as 70/40 mmHg, antihypertensive drugs did not work
Sep 3, 2020Felt dizziness, profuse sweating and started talking gibberish, and then lost consciousness for several minutes after getting up and going down the stairs in the morning
Sep 11, 2020Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring indicated nOH and supine hypertension, taking Midodrine (2.5 mg two times a day, but not within 5 h of bedtime), basic treatment and stopping taking Selegiline
Dec 13, 2020Much more stable blood pressure and no recurrence syncope
May 2, 2021No recurrence syncope, and the 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring indicated much more stable blood pressure