Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Oct 16, 2022; 10(29): 10742-10754
Published online Oct 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i29.10742
Table 1 Details of the decoction for blood cooling and Yang restraining (translated in English)
Main composition
Chinese pinyin
Latin scientific name
Medicinal source
Crude drug content (g)
Radix CyathulaeChuan Niu XiCyathula officinalis KuanRoot12
Rhizoma AlismatisZe XieAlisma plantago-aquatica LTuber12
Belvedere fruitDi Fu ZiFructus KochiaeFruit15
Cortex Bai Xian PiCortex dictamniRoot bark12
Mother of pearlZhen Zhu MuConcha Margaritifera UstaShell30
MagnetiteCi ShiMagnetiumFe3O430
LiquoriceGan CaoGlycyrrhiza uralensis FischRoot3
Herba LycopiZe LanAconitum gymnandrum MaximLeaf9
Scutellaria baicalensisHuang QinScutellaria baicalensis GeorgiRoot12
RehmanniaDi HuangRehmannia glutinosaRoot15
Prepared rehmanniaShu Di HuangRehmannia glutinosaRoot15
Cortex MoutanMu Dan PiCortex Moutan RadicisRoot bark12
Red-rooted SalviaSheng Dan ShenSalvia miltiorrhiza BgeRoot15
Red peonyChi ShaoRadix Paeoniae RubraRoot12
Sophorae FlavescentisKu ShenSophora flavescensRoot12
Angelicae SinensisGuan Huang BaiPhellodendron amurense RuprBark12
Table 2 Details of case reports of reactions to vitamin K1 (eczematous type)
First authorCountryDateSexAge (yr)Adm.Dose (mg)OnsetReaction
PatchI.c.         Other assessmentsCommentsOutcome
Piguet et al[17]France1964F33IMBefore surgeryButtock/wkK1-K1+Alcoholic cirrhosis
IMButtock, chest, face/8 d
Barnes et al[18]United Kingdom1976F31IM102 wkButtock/2 moNDK1+BiopsyBudd–Chiari syndrome, PCVPlaques disappeared
F30IM100Several weeksUpper arm, thigh/2 moDrug overdose, renal failure, generalized rash
Heydenreich et al[19]Denmark1977F51IV20 daily8–10 dArmsK1+1K1+STHepatitis, RA, GNNo skin problems
Intracutaneous test, epicutaneous test
Bullen et al[20]United Kingdom1978F17INJ34013 dButtock/11 dNDK1+, K4-1BiopsyCAHResolution with scaling
F24INJ3609 dButtock/9 dNDK1+, K4-BiopsyCAH
F39INJ2709 dButtock/19 dNDK1+, K4-BiopsyCAH, RA
F50INJ44016 dButtock/18 dNDNDBiopsyCAH, liver congestion, RA
F48INJ30010 dButtock/22 dNDK1+, K4-Alcoholic cirrhosis
F12INJ2807 dButtock/9 dNDK1+, K4-BiopsyCongenital hepatic failure
Robison et al[21]United States1978M63IM3010 dUpper armK1+1K1+1BiopsyAlcoholic cirrhosisTemporarily alleviated
Epicutaneous test
Jean-Pastor et al[22]France1981+
Finkelstein et al[23]Canada1987F26SC28011 dMonthsK1-, K3-K1+, K3-BiopsyMetastatic cholangiocarcinomaHyperpigmentation remained
F42SC4014 dMonthsK1+, K3-NDBiopsyPrimary biliary cirrhosisTotal bilirubin remained elevated
F39IM17502 dMonthsK1-, K3-K1+, K3-BiopsyChronic myeloid leukemiaResidual erythema scaling, pruritus, and hyperpigmentation
M51SC1014 dMonthsK1+, K3-K1+, K3-BiopsyAmyloidosisMild improvement
F64SC105 dMonthsK1+, K3-NDBiopsyCardiac cirrhosisPersistent pruritus
F32SC1014 dMonthsK1-, K3-K1+, K3-BiopsyPreeclampsia with DIC
Joyce et al[24]United States1988F36IM2014 dRight arm/4 yrBiopsyLong-term warfarin therapyIntermittent pruritus and persistent induration
F61IM106 dLeft arm/6 moBiopsySevere cardiac diseaseSkin lesion persisted unchanged
No significant medical abnormalities
Sanders et al[25]United States1988F18SC100> 10 dButtock, upper arm/weeksK1+, K4-BiopsyAnorexia, N/VLesions resolved
F28SC102 wkArm/1 moK1+, K4-Dilated cardiomyopathySlowly resolved
F31SC10 dUpper arm/2 wkHealthy
F25SC40After the injectionWeeksK1+, K4-BiopsyDrug overdose, elevated LFT resultsRash cleared
Pigatto et al[26]Italy1990F9IM10 dButtocksK1+, K2-, K3-Minor beta thalassemiaSome residual pigmentation
Factor X deficiency
Lee et al[27]United States1992F49SC110During treatmentUpper arms, thighs, and buttocks/2 moBiopsyCAH, variceal bleedsTotal regression of lesions
Tuppal et al[28]Canada1992M45SC330Few daysUpper arms and abdomen/2 moBiopsyLong history of ethanol abuseResolution of skin eruption
Lemlich et al[29]United States1993F43302 wk6 moBiopsyBudd–Chiari syndrome, PCVNo sclerodermatous changes
F62202 wk1 moBiopsyStage Ⅳ endometrial carcinomaMild postinflammatory hyperpigmentation remained
F572 wkRight arm/1 moBiopsyStage Ⅱ ovarian cancer
F502 wkLeft upper arm BiopsyHealthyRemained symptomatic
Bruynzeel et al[30]Netherlands1995F32SC2 wkRight upper arm/2 moK1-, K-K+BiopsyPelvic vein thrombosisResolution
F44SC4 wkLeft upper leg/moAcute pancreatic Ascaris lumbricoides infectionLesion persisted
Balato et al[31]Italy1998F49IM30Right buttock/4 moK-K+BiopsyLesion healed spontaneously
Scratch-patch test
Prick test
Wong et al[32]Australia1999F40IM405 dThighs/moK1+, K3+K1+Cholelithiasis, asthma, duodenal ulcer, and esophagitisResidual erythema persisted
Wilkins et al[33]Canada2000F50SC151 wkLeft arm/18 moBiopsyHypothyroidism, superficial phlebitisEruption persisted with occasional flares
Sommer et al[34]United Kingdom2002F27IM1 dThigh/2 yrK1+, K4+CF, CF-related DMSymptoms persisted
Bui et al[35]United States2004F21SC6510 dArms, abdomen/19 dN/V, Wilson’s diseaseRash disappeared
Giménez-Arnau et al[36]Spain2005F64IM1 wkButtockK1-K1+BiopsyChronic hepatitis C virus liver diseaseSkin healed
Immunoallergic study
Prick test
Our caseChina2022F50SC405 dRight hip BiopsyMultiple thyroid nodulesA few residual pigments in the lesion area and no itching sensation