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IgY technology: Methods of developing and evaluating avian immunoglobulins for the in vitro detection of biomolecules
Browse: 280   Download: 356   Issue Date: 2021-09-09
Genomics in medicine: A new era in medicine
Browse: 317   Download: 292   Issue Date: 2021-09-09
Simplified figure to present direct and indirect comparisons: Revisiting the graph 10 years later
Browse: 278   Download: 434   Issue Date: 2021-07-19
Wound irrigation for preventing surgical site infections
Browse: 325   Download: 674   Issue Date: 2021-07-19
One-day seminar for residents for implementing abdominal pocket-sized ultrasound
Browse: 254   Download: 738   Issue Date: 2021-07-19
Isolation of lymphocytes from the human gastric mucosa
Browse: 193   Download: 391   Issue Date: 2021-07-19
Fascinating history of groin hernias: Comprehensive recognition of anatomy, classic considerations for herniorrhaphy, and current controversies in hernioplasty
Browse: 202   Download: 571   Issue Date: 2021-07-19
Tocilizumab as treatment for COVID-19: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Browse: 240   Download: 522   Issue Date: 2021-05-12
Comparison of lag screws and double Y-shaped miniplates in fixation of anterior mandibular fractures
Browse: 260   Download: 593   Issue Date: 2021-05-12
Bowel intussusception in adult: Prevalence, diagnostic tools and therapy
Browse: 229   Download: 353   Issue Date: 2021-05-12
Concise review of stereotactic irradiation for pediatric glial neoplasms: Current concepts and future directions
Browse: 220   Download: 465   Issue Date: 2021-05-12
Epidemiological link between obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and cancer
Browse: 205   Download: 388   Issue Date: 2021-05-12
Olfactory dysfunction in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitides: A review of the literature
Browse: 286   Download: 554   Issue Date: 2021-03-11
Epidemiological burden of parents being the index cases of COVID-19 infected children
Browse: 287   Download: 423   Issue Date: 2021-01-20
Randomized clinical trial comparing skin closure with tissue adhesives vs subcuticular suture after robotic urogynecologic procedures
Browse: 491   Download: 754   Issue Date: 2020-10-28
Importance of the telemedicine network for neurosurgery in Slovenia
Browse: 876   Download: 916   Issue Date: 2019-01-18
Risk stratification for coronary artery disease in multi-ethnic populations: Are there broader considerations for cost efficiency?
Browse: 835   Download: 745   Issue Date: 2019-01-18
Towards a better understanding of anesthesia emergence mechanisms: Research and clinical implications
Browse: 767   Download: 939   Issue Date: 2018-10-12
Targeted temperature management in neurological intensive care unit
Browse: 1028   Download: 1236   Issue Date: 2017-06-20
Role of metabolic stress for enhancing muscle adaptations: Practical applications
Browse: 944   Download: 890   Issue Date: 2017-06-20