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External validation of the Moroccan Arabic version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer colorectal (CR29) module: Monocentric study
Browse: 13   Download: 15   Issue Date: 2023-09-20
Role of the phase angle in the prognosis of the cirrhotic patient: 15 years of follow-up
Browse: 19   Download: 16   Issue Date: 2023-09-20
Comprehensive analysis of cell-extracellular matrix protein Ras suppressor-1 in function and prognosis of gastrointestinal cancers
Browse: 18   Download: 14   Issue Date: 2023-09-20
Telemedicine in inflammatory bowel diseases: A new brick in the medicine of the future?
Browse: 16   Download: 11   Issue Date: 2023-09-20
ChatGPT in action: Harnessing artificial intelligence potential and addressing ethical challenges in medicine, education, and scientific research
Browse: 14   Download: 11   Issue Date: 2023-09-20
Microvessel density in patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Browse: 114   Download: 223   Issue Date: 2023-06-20
Acceptability and strategies for enhancing uptake of human immunodeficiency virus self-testing in Nigeria
Browse: 78   Download: 271   Issue Date: 2023-06-20
Characterization and risk factors for unexplained female infertility in Sudan: A case-control study
Browse: 70   Download: 262   Issue Date: 2023-06-20
Immunotherapy for advanced gastric cancer
Browse: 68   Download: 205   Issue Date: 2023-06-20
IgA nephropathy associated with Crohn's disease
Browse: 82   Download: 185   Issue Date: 2023-06-20
Sexual function history taking in medicine
Browse: 90   Download: 209   Issue Date: 2023-03-20
Urinary tract injury during hysterectomy: Does surgeon specialty and surgical volume matter?
Browse: 80   Download: 259   Issue Date: 2023-03-20
Is mandible derived mesenchymal stromal cells superior in proliferation and regeneration to long bone-derived mesenchymal stromal cells?
Browse: 70   Download: 200   Issue Date: 2023-03-20
Pandemic and precocious puberty - a Google trends study
Browse: 127   Download: 415   Issue Date: 2023-01-13
Impact of gender-affirming hormone therapy on the development of COVID-19 infections and associated complications: A systematic review
Browse: 153   Download: 468   Issue Date: 2022-11-20
Associations between SARS-CoV-2 infections and thrombotic complications necessitating surgical intervention: A systematic review
Browse: 120   Download: 395   Issue Date: 2022-11-20
Mouth shield to minimize airborne transmission risk of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in the dental office
Browse: 143   Download: 598   Issue Date: 2022-09-20
Microvessel density in differentiated thyroid carcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Browse: 174   Download: 702   Issue Date: 2022-09-20
Pandemic control - do's and don'ts from a control theory perspective
Browse: 132   Download: 395   Issue Date: 2022-09-20
Growth differentiation factor 15 as an emerging novel biomarker in SARS-CoV-2 infection
Browse: 152   Download: 448   Issue Date: 2022-09-20