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Surgical strategies for Mirizzi syndrome: A ten-year single center experience
Browse: 202   Download: 383   Issue Date: 2022-02-22
Laparoscopic vs open total gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer following neoadjuvant therapy: A propensity score matching analysis
Browse: 212   Download: 354   Issue Date: 2022-02-22
Therapeutic strategies for gastro-entero-pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms: State-of-the-art and future perspectives
Browse: 140   Download: 246   Issue Date: 2022-02-22
Choledocholithiasis characteristics with periampullary diverticulum and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography procedures: Comparison between two centers from Lanzhou and Kyoto
Browse: 153   Download: 298   Issue Date: 2022-02-22
Surgery for Cronkhite-Canada syndrome complicated with intussusception: A case report and review of literature
Browse: 163   Download: 282   Issue Date: 2022-02-22
Routine laboratory parameters in patients with necrotizing pancreatitis by the time of operative pancreatic debridement: Food for thought
Browse: 223   Download: 522   Issue Date: 2022-01-19
Laparoscopic Kasai portoenterostomy can be a standard surgical procedure for treatment of biliary atresia
Browse: 214   Download: 384   Issue Date: 2022-01-19
Association of anastomotic leakage with long-term oncologic outcomes of patients with esophagogastric junction cancer
Browse: 243   Download: 535   Issue Date: 2022-01-19
Application value of mixed reality in hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma
Browse: 194   Download: 540   Issue Date: 2022-01-19
Survival after curative pancreaticoduodenectomy for ampullary adenocarcinoma in a South American population: A retrospective cohort study
Browse: 199   Download: 486   Issue Date: 2022-01-19
Risk factors for perioperative complications in laparoscopic surgeries of retrorectal cystic lesions
Browse: 188   Download: 502   Issue Date: 2021-12-24
Postoperative complications after robotic resection of colorectal cancer: An analysis based on 5-year experience at a large-scale center
Browse: 174   Download: 417   Issue Date: 2021-12-24
Mucinous adenocarcinoma: A unique clinicopathological subtype in colorectal cancer
Browse: 182   Download: 402   Issue Date: 2021-12-24
Role of mesenteric component in Crohn’s disease: A friend or foe?
Browse: 191   Download: 310   Issue Date: 2021-12-24
Photodynamic therapy: A next alternative treatment strategy for hepatocellular carcinoma?
Browse: 209   Download: 529   Issue Date: 2021-12-24
Is omentectomy necessary in the treatment of benign or malignant abdominal pathologies? A systematic review
Browse: 277   Download: 489   Issue Date: 2021-11-27
Risk of station 12a lymph node metastasis in patients with lower-third gastric cancer
Browse: 221   Download: 422   Issue Date: 2021-11-27
Comparison of safety, efficacy, and long-term follow-up between “one-step” and “step-up” approaches for infected pancreatic necrosis
Browse: 224   Download: 604   Issue Date: 2021-11-27
Retrorectal tumors: A challenge for the surgeons
Browse: 275   Download: 719   Issue Date: 2021-11-27
Acute appendicitis–advances and controversies
Browse: 230   Download: 486   Issue Date: 2021-11-27