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Cecocutaneous fistula diagnosed by computed tomography fistulography: A case report
Browse: 221   Download: 333   Issue Date: 2022-10-27
Can DKI-MRI predict recurrence and invasion of peritumoral zone of hepatocellular carcinoma after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization?
Browse: 154   Download: 386   Issue Date: 2022-10-27
Long-term efficacy and safety of cap-assisted endoscopic sclerotherapy with long injection needle for internal hemorrhoids
Browse: 151   Download: 405   Issue Date: 2022-10-27
Performing robot-assisted pylorus and vagus nerve-preserving gastrectomy for early gastric cancer: A case series of initial experience
Browse: 190   Download: 276   Issue Date: 2022-10-27
Drain fluid biomarkers for prediction and diagnosis of clinically relevant postoperative pancreatic fistula: A narrative review
Browse: 174   Download: 259   Issue Date: 2022-10-27
Retrorectal mucinous adenocarcinoma arising from a tailgut cyst: A case report and review of literature
Browse: 165   Download: 481   Issue Date: 2022-09-27
Laparoscopic appendectomy, stump closure and endoloops: A meta-analysis
Browse: 186   Download: 375   Issue Date: 2022-09-27
Blood index panel for gastric cancer detection
Browse: 148   Download: 475   Issue Date: 2022-09-27
Oesophageal cancer metastases: An observational study of a more aggressive approach
Browse: 159   Download: 464   Issue Date: 2022-09-27
Predictors of difficult endoscopic resection of submucosal tumors originating from the muscularis propria layer at the esophagogastric junction
Browse: 156   Download: 487   Issue Date: 2022-09-27
Early detection of colorectal cancer based on circular DNA and common clinical detection indicators
Browse: 186   Download: 505   Issue Date: 2022-08-27
Model established based on blood markers predicts overall survival in patients after radical resection of types II and III adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction
Browse: 184   Download: 442   Issue Date: 2022-08-27
Pre-colonoscopy special guidance and education on intestinal cleaning and examination in older adult patients with constipation
Browse: 202   Download: 570   Issue Date: 2022-08-27
Nomogram to predict permanent stoma in rectal cancer patients after sphincter-saving surgery
Browse: 186   Download: 428   Issue Date: 2022-08-27
Percutaneous direct endoscopic pancreatic necrosectomy
Browse: 184   Download: 408   Issue Date: 2022-08-27
Signs and syndromes in acute appendicitis: A pathophysiologic approach
Browse: 213   Download: 322   Issue Date: 2022-07-27
Skeletal muscle metastasis from colorectal adenocarcinoma: A literature review
Browse: 199   Download: 378   Issue Date: 2022-07-27
Impact of comorbid renal dysfunction in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma on long-term outcomes after curative resection
Browse: 171   Download: 438   Issue Date: 2022-07-27
Adult patients with allied disorders of Hirschsprung’s disease in emergency department: An 11-year retrospective study
Browse: 157   Download: 339   Issue Date: 2022-07-27
From advanced diagnosis to advanced resection in early neoplastic colorectal lesions: Never-ending and trending topics in the 2020s
Browse: 161   Download: 315   Issue Date: 2022-07-27