Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Oct 6, 2021; 9(28): 8509-8517
Published online Oct 6, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i28.8509
Table 1 Reported cases of synchronous gastric and pancreatic tumors
Gastric tumorlocation
Gastric histology
Pancreatic tumor location
Pancreatic histology
Eriguchi et al[7], 2000 76MaleUpper gastric angle Moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinomaNot mentionedWell to moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinomaSurgically treated
Kubota et al[8], 200967MaleNot mentionedModerately differentiated adenocarcinomaNot mentionedAbsence of pancreatic histologyChemotherapy: S-1, paclitaxel and lentinan
Meng et al[9], 201142MaleGastric antrumGastric GISTPancreatic headPancreatic GISTSurgically treated
Shen et al[10], 201072FemaleMajor gastric curvatureGastric GISTThe head of the pancreasPoorly differentiated PDAC; malignant fibrous histiocytoma Surgically treated
Muroni et al[11], 201073NoneGastric antrum and pyloric portionModerately differentiated adenocarcinoma Uncinate portion of the pancreasPoorly differentiated PDACSurgically treated
Dasanu et al[12], 201175MaleNot mentionedGIST The head of the pancreasModerately to poorly differentiated carcinomaSurgically treated
Kourie et al[13], 2013. case 156MaleAnterior part of the antrum Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with independent mucus-secreting cellsThe head of the pancreasNecrotic ductal adenocarcinomaChemotherapy: Folfirinox
Kourie et al[13], 2013. case 262MaleGastric wall of the greater curvatureGastric adenocarcinoma with mucinous component Tail of the pancreasTubular adenocarcinoma (ck7+; ck20-; ck19+)Chemotherapy: Folfirinox
Ohtsubo et al[14], 201377MaleIn the middle of stomachAdenocarcinoma stage IB, T2bN0M0Pancreatic head Adenocarcinoma stage IIA, T3N0M0Treated with chemotherapy: S-1
Baba et al[15], 201570MaleThe fundal region and greater curvature of the stomachLow grade gastric calcified stromal tumor (GIST)The head of the pancreasAdenocarcinoma Surgically treated
Ghothim et al[16], 2015. case 1 73MaleThe antrum of the stomachAdenocarcinoma (pT1N1M0 stage IB, G2) The head of the pancreasDuctal pancreatic cancer. (pT2N1M0, stage IIB, G3)Surgically treated; gemcitabine in six cycles
Ghothim et al[16], 2015. case 374MaleThe antrum of the stomachGastric adenocarcinoma diffuse type (pT2bN2M0, G3)Pancreatic headPapillary mucinous carcinoma (pT2N0M0, stage IB, G1)Surgically treated; Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Fiore et al[17], 2015. case 1 63MaleNot mentionedGastric GIST (T2N0)Pancreatic headAdenocarcinoma (T2N0)Surgically treated
Santos-Fernández et al[18], 2015 64FemalePrepiloric antral ulcerWell differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma Pancreatic tailPancreatic adenocarcinoma Not mentioned
Arabadzhieva et al[19], 201660FemaleIn the pyloric areaGastric GISTPancreatic bodyPancreatic neuroendocrine tumorSurgically treated
Yonenaga et al[20], 201663MaleAntrum of the stomachPoorly differentiated adenocarcinoma.The body of the pancreasPACCChemotherapy
Our case, 202169MaleAntrum of the stomachGastric adenocarcinomaThe tail of the pancreasPACCSurgically treated; Chemotherapy