Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 26, 2021; 9(27): 8147-8156
Published online Sep 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i27.8147
Table 1 Characteristics of patients with heterotopic pancreas and gastric adenomyoma
Main complaint
Diagnostic method1
Clinical diagnosis2
Bedir et al[10]201826 yrFOccasionally detected3RadiographyGAMini-gastric bypass; subtotal gastrectomy
Campbell[35]194937 yrFIndigestion and discomfortRadiographyGastric benign tumorPartial gastrectomy
Eisenberger et al[21]200121 yrFEmesis, heartburn, mid/epigastric pain, and weight lossRadiography endoscopyBenign GISTMini-laparotomy; mass dissection
Emerson et al[7]200452 yrMEpigastric and left upper quadrant pain, postprandial emesis, bloating, abdominal distentionEndoscopyN/A450% gastrectomy with vagotomy
Faigel et al[36]200134 yrFDyspepsia and nauseaRadiography endoscopyN/AEndoscopic mucosal resection
Floros et al[37]198229 yrMIntermittent epigastric painRadiographyN/AEndoscopic wedge resection
Haubrich[16]195560 yrFMelenaRadiographyEarly malignant neoplasmSubtotal gastrectomy
Kagawa et al[38]200726 yrFIntermittent severe abdominal pain, high feverRadiography endoscopyBenign submucosal tumorLaparoscopic wedge resection; pyloroplasty
Kamrani et al[39]201915 yrFNausea and vomitingRadiography endoscopyN/ADistal gastrectomy with a gastroduodeno-stomy
Keshgegian et al[28]197830 yrFLeft upper quadrant painRadiographyLeiomyomaMass dissection
Kerkez et al[15]20115 yrFIntermittent epigastric painRadiographyN/ADistal gastrectomy, cyst excision with gastroduodenostomy
Nabi et al[26]201235 yrMIntermittent epigastric pain and vomitingRadiography endoscopyGISTHemigastrectomy followed by gastrojejunal anastomosis
Portale et al[29]200771 yrMRecurrent duodenal ulcerRadiography endoscopyGastric carcinomaSubtotal gastrectomy with BII reconstruction
Reardon et al[40]199931 yrFAcute epigastric painRadiography endoscopyLeiomyoma or a lipomaLaparoscopic resection with an end-to-end gastroduodenostomy
Rhim et al[8]20131 wkMPersistent vomitingRadiographyN/AAntrectomy with Billroth I anastomosis
Song et al[27]200435 yrMOccasionally detectedRadiography endoscopyGISTWedge resection
Zarling[41]198125 yrFEpigastric discomfort and early satietyRadiography endoscopyN/ADistal antrectomy
Vandelli et al[42]199342 yrFIntermittent postprandial epigastric pain, nausea, and vomitingEndoscopyN/APolypectomy and Billroth II gastrectomy
Erberich et al[2]200048 yrMEpigastric pain and vomitingRadiography endoscopyGastric polypsLocal excision of both lesions
Janota et al[23]196627 yrMEpigastric painN/APeptic ulcerPartial gastrectomy; closure of the duodenal stump
Lasser et al[22]197735 yrMDiscomfortRadiographyN/ASubtotal gastrectomy
Stewart et al[20]198481 yrMRenal failure, anemia, and melenaN/AN/AN/A
53 yrMDiscomfortRadiographyN/AEndoscopic resection