Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jul 26, 2021; 9(21): 6032-6040
Published online Jul 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i21.6032
Table 1 Literature review of pediatric Rosai–Dorfman disease
Underlying disease
Nodal disease
Extranodal disease
Radiologic findings
di Dioet al[9], 201614M(-)Swelling of the right parotid glandRecent EBV infectionBilateral cervical, hilarBilateral parotid glandMultiple intraparotid LNsCystic and solid(-)Enhancement: Irregular
Rasool et al[4], 201515MFPain and swelling of distal forearmNot describedNoPhysis of distal radiusWell-defined intramedullary lesion(-)Radiolucent lesion with scalloping and thin rim(-)
Mantilla et al[12], 20162FProptosis, headacheH syndrome (SLC29A3 mutation)NoBilateral orbitNumerous well-circumscribed intraorbital masses(-)(-)T2WI: Moderately hyperintense; enhancement: Mild
Nandi et al[7], 20085MPainless huge neck swelling, feverHHV-6 infectionBilateral cervicalNo(-)(-)(-)
Nandi et al[7], 20085MBilateral proptosis, swelling over the mandibular areaNoPreauricular, mandibularBilateral orbitIll-defined irregular masses involving mainly intraconal parts(-)Enhancement: heterogeneous(-)
Rodriguez-Galindo et al[14], 20046FOrbital swelling, proptosis, and blindnessNoIpsilateral cervicalOrbitRetroconal and preseptal mass extended to cavernous sinus(-)(-)Enhancement: Mild
Arakaki et al[5], 20127MAbdominal pain and diarrheaHHV-6 infectionNoKidneyMass at anterior portion of kidneyHomogeneous echogenecitySoft tissue density; enhancement: HomogeneousEnhancement: Homogeneous
Rodriguez-Galindo et al[14], 20049FLeft frontal swelling and tendernessNoNoSkullWell-defined lesions in frontal boneRadiolucent lesions without sclerotic margin(-)
Sridhara et al[15], 201211MPainless bilateral neck swellingRecent EBV infectionNoBilateral submandibular glandEnlarged submandibular glands(-)Enhancement: Homogeneous(-)
Tubbs et al[16], 200513MNeck pain, headache, blurred visionNoNoRight parietal boneIntraosseous lesion(-)(-)(-)
Suboccipital musculature(-)(-)Enhancement: Mild
Rittner et al[18], 201215MFever, back and left hip painNoNoMultiple bone lesions (cranial bone, spine, pelvis, upper/lower extremities)(-)Lytic lesionsT1WI: Hypointense; T2WI: Hyperintense; enhancement: Strong
Rodriguez-Galindo et al[14], 200415FHeadache, proptosisRecent EBV infectionMediastinalBrainAnterior and posterior falx(-)(-)T1WI and T2WI: Isointense; Enhancement: Strong
Bilateral orbitRetroconal, preseptal space