Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jul 26, 2021; 9(21): 5980-5987
Published online Jul 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i21.5980
Table 1 Literature review about caudate lobectomy
Operational name
Operating time in min
Blood loss in mL
Blood transfusion
Postoperative hospital stay in d
Tumor size in cm
Barg-Hock et al[5]41/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy//N13Edema of lower extremity4.5/
Colovic et al[6]56/FA hydatid cyst of the liverRight hepatic lobectomy and caudate lobectomy//N14Right upper quadrant abdominal pain1.5/
Feng et al[7]48/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy2361650Y11Distending pain in the upper abdomen9.0/
Feng et al[7]36/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy130210N5Distending pain in the upper abdomen6.5/
Hobbs et al[8]53/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy////Abdominal discomfort, early satiety//
Sasada et al[9]36/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy7005600Y/Continuous back pain7.0/
Sasada et al[9]50/MMetastatic hepatic carcinomaCaudate lobectomy4501600N/No obvious3.0/
Sood et al[10]55/MHepatic hemangiomaRight hepatic partial resection and caudate lobectomy////Non-specific abdominal pain5.0Embolized the right portal vein before surgery
Yang et al[11]45/MHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy210600N14/5.2/
Yang et al[11]48/FCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy255500N12/7.9/
Yang et al[11]55/FHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy240800N10/6.2/
Yang et al[11]52/MIntrahepatic cholangiocarcinomaCaudate lobectomy2701200N8/7.4/
Yang et al[11]60/FHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy170450N18/2.1/
Yang et al[11]65/MCaudate lobe hemangiomaCaudate lobectomy260700N11/10.5/
Yang et al[11]62/MHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy205400N13/3.2/
Yang et al[11]70/FHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy300450N12/8.6/
Yang et al[11]56/MHepatic cell carcinomaCaudate lobectomy180350N15/4.3/
Suzuki et al[12]40/FGiant hepatic hemangiomaRight hepatic lobectomy and caudate lobectomy/1380Y/Abdominal discomfort24.3Transcatheter arterial embolization