Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Jan 16, 2021; 9(2): 445-456
Published online Jan 16, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i2.445
Table 1 Since 1963, a total of 13 cases of malignant solitary fibrous tumors of the greater omentum have been reported, and our patient is the fourteenth
Chief complaint
Suspected diagnosis
Mitosis/ HPF
Immunohistochemical staining
Pathological diagnosis
Surgical treatment
Recurrence and metastasis
Forman et al[7], 195240/MAbdominal pain, rectal and vaginal pressureOvarian cyst5 cmNANAHPCTumor resection and partial omentectomyNo Recurrence and metastasis in 1 yearRectum invasion after 11 mo
Stout et al[8], 196357/FNANA11 cm × 7 cm × 5 cm2/50NAHPCNANoNANA
Stout et al[8], 196364/MPain, swelling of the abdomenNA28 cm × 20 cm × 15 cm11/50NAHPCTumor resection, omentectomy, transverse colon and the gastrocolic omentumNoDied of diseaseDistant metastasis on lung and liver
Imachi et al[9], 199062/FAbdominal distension and pain, increasing abdominal girth, diarrhea, and weight lossMalignant ovarian tumor24 cm × 20 cm × 12 cm12/10Positive for vimentin, negative for S-100 protein, myoglobin, desmin, actin, and factor VIIIHPCTumor resection, omentectomy, and hysterectomyAppliedRecurrence after 1 yrImplant in the peritoneum and the mesentery were found after 1 yr
Schwartz et al[10], 199140/UnknownAbdominal pain, abdominal mass, early satiety, weight lossNANANANAHPCTumor resectionAppliedTumor spread after 18 mo. Died in 2 moTumor wide spread
Cajano et al[11], 199549/FLeft hypochondrial abdominal painNA7 cmNANAHPCTumor resection and omentectomyAppliedRecurrence after 9 moIntraperitoneal and liver metastases after 9 mo
Ahmad et al[12], 200474/FAbdominopelvic massMalignant ovarian tumorNANANAHPCTumor resectionNADied of diseaseNA
Slupski et al[13], 200761/MLeft lumbar painNA5, 1, and 12 cmNANAHPCTumor and liver segment resection, diaphragm clearance NoRecurrence after 18 yrRecurrence after 18 yr, 3 metastases were found
Salem et al[14], 200860/MIntermittent periumbilical pain, weight loss, abdominal distensionNA24 cm × 19 cm × 10 cm25Positive for CD34 and CD99, negative for SMA, desmin, S-100 protein and C-kitSFTTumor resectionNoUneventful recoveryNo
Prakash et al[15], 200945/FLower abdominal pain and dysuriaHemangiopericytoma21 cm × 16 cm × 13 cmNANAHPCNoAppliedSymptoms decreasedNo
Rodriguez Tarrega et al[2], 201634/FUnremarkableNA6 cm13/10Positive for CD34, CD99, negative for SMA, desmin, kit and DOG-1SFTTumor resection and omentectomyNoDisease-free in 32-mo follow-upNo
Vasdeki et al[16], 201872/MRecurrent mass of the anterior abdominal wallNA11 cm × 10.4 cm × 10.7 cm, 8 cm × 6.5 cm and 7.5 cm × 5.7 cm< 4/10Positive for vimentin, CD34 and CD99HPCTumor resection and omentectomyNoRecurrence twice in 19 yr2 lesions in the omentum in 2011, 3 lesions in the omentum in 2018
Jung et al[17], 201957/MAsymptomaticNA18 cm × 11 cm × 6.2 cm5-6/HPFPositive for STAT6 and CD34SFTTumor resection andomentectomyNoUneventful recoveryNo
Current caseAbdominopelvic massGIST 27 cm × 21 cm × 9 cm30/10Positive for vimentin, weakly positive for DOG-1, CD99, and bcl-2; negative for STAT6, SMA, and CD34SFTTumor resection, omentectomy, mesentery clearanceNoDied in 1.5 yrTumor recurrent and metastasis in 1.5 yr