Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 26, 2019; 7(10): 1177-1183
Published online May 26, 2019. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v7.i10.1177
Table 1 Hormone levels and biochemical indexes detected before and after chemotherapy
Biochemical assayNormal rangePrior to chemotherapyAfter 1stroundAfter 2ndroundAfter 3rdround
8 am ACTH10–80 ng/L2101277445
4 pm ACTH5–40 ng/L1921004321
8 am cortisol8.7–22.4 μg/dL31.1716.798.88.64
4 pm cortisol0–10 μg/dL35.1811.262.362.47
0 am cortisol0–5 μg/dL31.2714.471.753.64
24 h urine cortisol> 1932.8341.6154.4120.5
FPG (mmol/L)5.645.85.4
2 h PPG (mmol/L)
Testosterone1.75–7.81 μg/L0.980.943.574.01
FSH1.27–19.26 IU/L5.585.0912.7916.68
LH1.24–8.62 IU/L4.
TSH0.35–4.94 mIU/L0.071.361.460.94
TT44.87–11.72 μg/dL4.194.417.836.15
TT30.58–1.59 ng/mL0.430.561.311.19
FT40.7–1.48 ng/dL0.940.831.170.84
FT31.71–3.71 pg/mL1.41.633.72.82
24 h urine volume (mL/d)3200280024001170
Urine specific gravity1.015–1.0251.0101.0141.0161.020
NSE0–15.2 ng/mL18.279.5910.39-
CEA0–5 ng/mL7.352.912.69-
Table 2 Water deprivation and vasopressin test data
TimeUrine volume (mL)Urine specific gravityPlasma osmotic pressure (osmo/kg)Weight (kg)Blood pressure (mmHg)Heart rate (bpm)Notes
1st day 22:002501.01029851.0136/7573Start water deprivation
2nd day 11:501001.01230548.5131/7781Platform stage pituitrin administration
2nd day 12:501001.018-49.0103/7475-
2nd day 13:50501.01830149.0121/7676Off-test