Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 6, 2018; 6(9): 301-307
Published online Sep 6, 2018. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v6.i9.301
Table 1 Case reports of clival metastasis from renal clear cell carcinoma
Ref.Age/sexSymptomsFirst diagnosis and intervalPosition and size of Primary TumorSurgery for clival metastasisSurgery for primary tumorAdditional treatmentFollow-up
Fumino et al[28]58/MDiplopiaClival metastasis, NAThe left kidney, 6 cm × 4 cmNoneLeft radical nephrectomyRadiotherapy to the clivusNA
Endo et al[29]59/MOccipital pain, dysarthria, CN XII palsyClival metastasis, NAThe right kidney, 9 cmNoneNoneRadiotherapy for the clivusDOD (6 mo)
Sepúlveda et al[30]62/MSixth nerve palsy, dysarthria, right tongue deviation and right facial paralysisClival metastasis, NAThe right kidney, NABiopsyNoneRadiotherapy and palliative careNA
Patel et al[31]59/FHeadaches and acute onset cranial nerve neuropathiesClival metastasis, NAThe left kidney, NAEndoscopic endonasal near complete resectionNonePalliative radiation treatmentNA
Mendelson et al[32]59/FHeadaches and dropping of left eye with double visionClival metastasis, NAThe left kidney, NAEndoscopic decompression of clival lesionNonePalliative radiotherapy for renal massNA
Mani et al[12]55/MHeadache and diplopia photophobia of right eyeClival metastasis, NAThe left kidney, 6.5 cm × 6.0 cm × 5.5 cmNoneBiopsyExternal beam radiation therapy and supportive palliative careDOD (6 mo)
Gil Salu et al[33]56/FDiplopiaPrimary RCCC, 8 yrThe right kidney, NAEndoscopic endonasal partial resectionRight nephrectomyNANA
Santhosh et al[34]27/FPain in right lower limbPrimary RCCC, NAThe right kidney, NANoneRight radical nephrectomyImmunotherapyAWD (28 mo)
Zhang et al54/MAsthenia and drooping of his right eyelid with diplopiaClival metastasis, 6 dThe left kidney, 4 cm × 4 cm × 4.5 cmEndoscopic endonasal biopsy and partial resectionLaparoscopic left radical nephrectomyGamma knife for residual clival lesionAWD (4 mo)