Systematic Reviews
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 6, 2018; 6(9): 259-273
Published online Sep 6, 2018. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v6.i9.259
Table 1 Three types of liver function tests
Biochemical parametersAlanine transaminase-aspartate transaminase, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase, alkaline phosphatase, albumin, bilirubin (total and conjugated), coagulation test (INR), Serum glucose, lactate dehydrogenase, platelet count
Dynamic qualitative tests99-m TC-GSA scintigraphy (uptake), ICG test (clearance), aminopyrine breath test, MEGX, galactose elimination, LiMAX (metabolism)
Scoring systemsChild-Turcotte-Pugh systems, Model for end-stage liver disease, Model for end-stage liver disease-Na
Table 2 Studies on associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy and future liver remnant % changes between stage 1 and stage 2 over nearly 5 years
[106]2017201541 (24-67)88NM0100
[108]20161724.238.5 (27.9-56.9)-11.85.9100
[69]2015121535 (26-53)160NM0100
[109]2015921.132.2 (26.5-37.9)9666.71100
[110]20156224.239.1 (22.3-72.2)48.68012.995.2
[111]20151133.946.3 (36.2-55.8)140459.1100
[70]20141522.636.3 (30-59.2)87.266.728.7100
[68]2014482341 (34-47)77.4NM17100
[13]2013152746.9 (31.7-67)78.4530100
Table 3 Studies on transcatheter arterial chemoembolization + portal venous embolizations and the rate of conversion to resection
Ref.YearCasesTypes of tumorConvert to surgery (%)5-yr disease-free survival rates (%)Median survival time (mo)
[101]200417Hepatocellular carcinoma9446.7NM
[102]200618Hepatocellular carcinoma10037NM
[113]201171Hepatocellular carcinoma95.761NM
[103]201229Hepatocellular carcinoma and metastatic disease93.1NM58
[104]201654Hepatocellular carcinoma72NM41