Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Oct 16, 2022; 10(29): 10713-10720
Published online Oct 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i29.10713
Table 1 Details of cases treated with Tension Relief System
Case no.
Age (yr)
Gender (male/female)
Cause of defect
Region of defect
Size of defect
Application time (prior to, during, and/or after surgery)
Closure (immediate/delayed closure)
Time to closure (min/d)
Topaz et al[5], 2012162MaleSCCLeft distal leg3 cm × 2 cmPrior to surgeryDelayed16 d
252FemaleScarLower abdominal7 cm × 8 cmPrior to surgeryDelayed11 d
326MaleHigh-voltage electric burnLeft lower limbNADuring surgeryImmediateNA
412FemaleCongenital nevusRight thighΦ = 2 cmPrior to surgeryDelayed14 d
529FemaleInfected surgical woundAbdominalNANADelayed NA
688FemaleSCCLeft distal legΦ = 2.5 cmPrior to surgeryDelayed12 d
Topaz et al[17], 2014764MaleBCCParietal scalpΦ = 3.5 cmAfter surgeryDelayed5 d
864MaleBCCParietal scalpΦ = 3 cmAfter surgeryDelayed1 d
974NASCCFrontal scalpΦ = 3 cmDuring surgeryImmediateNA
1078NAUlcerated BCCOccipital scalpΦ = 3.2 cmAfter surgeryDelayed5 d
1117NAScar tissue neoplasiaParietal scalpΦ = 2.5 cmAfter surgeryDelayed2 d
1295MaleSCCOccipital scalpΦ = 4.5 cmAfter surgeryDelayed17 d
1382NASCCParietal scalpΦ = 3.5 cmAfter surgeryDelayed21 d
1482NASCCOccipital scalpΦ = 3 cmAfter surgeryDelayed2 d
1565NASCCOccipital scalpΦ = 4 cmAfter surgeryDelayed5 d
Topaz et al[18], 20141660MaleBasal cell carcinomaFlank15 cm × 25 cmDuring surgeryImmediate26 min
1735MaleMalignant melanomaScapular7 cm × 11.5 cmDuring surgeryImmediate60 min
1841MaleSpindle cell sarcomaSupraclavicular26 cm × 25 cmDuring surgeryImmediate135 min
Dan et al[19], 20151920FemaleTumorLeft groin10 cm × 8 cmAfter surgeryDelayed28 d
2053MaleTraffic accidentFoot and ankle10 cm × 9 cmAfter surgeryDelayed15 d
Zhu et al[22], 2020213FemaleInfantile hemangiomasScalp6.5 cm × 5.2 cmDuring surgeryImmediate20 min
Choke et al[20], 20172242MaleBacterial infectionLimb91 cm × 17 cmAfter surgeryDelayed60 d
2355MaleSternal osteomyelitisChest28 cm × 8 cmAfter surgeryDelayed42 d
2429MaleHerniaAbdomen9 cm × 10 cmAfter surgeryDelayed28 d
Li et al[21], 2019254FemaleTraffic accident traumaPubic symphysis14 cm × 9 cmAfter surgeryDelayedNA