Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 26, 2022; 10(27): 9921-9928
Published online Sep 26, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i27.9921
Table 1 Relevant laboratory examination reports on admission
Normal range
Liver and kidney function
Alanine aminotransferase1442.87-40 U/L
Aspartate aminotransferase156513-35 U/L
Alkaline Phosphatase21750-135 U/L
γ-glutamyl transferase183.27-45 U/L
Total bilirubin1103.4-22 μmol/L
Direct bilirubin91.11.7-10.3 μmol/L
Albumin36.940-55 g/L
Globulin22.320-40 g/L
Serum creatinine43.635-80 μmol/L
Serum urea4.742.9-8.2 mmol/L
Serum lipids
Total cholesterol3.673.4-5.8 mmol/L
Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol0.60.78-2 mmol/L
High-density lipoprotein cholesterol1.910-3.7 mmol/L
Triglycerides1.880.56-1.7 mmol/L
Coagulation function
Prothrombin Time13.711.0-15.0 sec
Prothrombin activity86.5675%-160%
International normalized ratio1.020.8-1.5
Complete blood count
Leukocyte1.174.5-10 × 109 cells/L
Neutrophils0.021.8-6.3 × 109 cells/L
Eosinophils00.02-0.52 × 109 cells/L
Basophils00-0.06 × 109 cells/L
Lymphocytes0.981.1-3.2 × 109 cells/L
Monocytes0.170.1-0.6 × 109 cells/L
Erythrocyte4.073.8-5.1 × 1012 cells/L
Platelet159125-350 × 109 cells/L
Inflammatory markers
C-reactive protein10.280-5 mg/L
Procalcitonin0.1920-0.05 ng/mL
Screening for causes of acute liver injury
Autoimmune liver diseases
Immunoglobulin A1.40.72-4.29 g/L
Immunoglobulin G13.38-17 g/L
Immunoglobulin G40.4270.05-1.54 g/L
Immunoglobulin M1.20.29-3.44 g/L
Anti-nuclear antibodyNegative
Anti-smooth muscle antibodyNegative
Anti-liver kidney microsome-1Negative
Anti-soluble liver antigen/liver pancreas antigenNegative
Anti-liver cytosol-1Negative
Anti-centromere antibodyNegative
Anti-Mitochondrial-M2 antibodyNegative
Anti-gp210 antibodiesNegative
Anti-Sp100 antibodiesNegative
Virology test
Hepatitis A IgMNegative
Hepatitis B surface antigenNegative
Hepatitis B core antibody IgMNegative
Hepatitis C antibodyNegative
Hepatitis E IgMNegative
Anti-CMV IgMNegative
Anti-EBV viral capsid antigen IgMNegative
Anti-EBV early antigen IgMNegative
COVID-19 RNANegative
HBV DNA< 100< 100 IU/mL
Thyroid function
Thyroid-stimulating hormone0.80.56-5.91 uIU/mL
Free triiodothyronine4.43.53-7.37 pmol/L
Free Thyroxine14.687.98-16.02 pmol/L
Ceruloplasmin0.360.16-0.45 g/L
Alpha-fetoprotein2.90.0-9.0 ng/mL
Table 2 Histological description of bone marrow aspiration at admission (total number of 200 nucleated cells)
Cell type
Reference value range
Neutrophilic myelocytes2.54.45-8.53
Neutrophilic metamyelocytes25.93-9.87
Neutrophilic stab granulocytes020.22-27.22
Neutrophilic segmented granulocytes06.52-12.36
Early erythroblasts0.50.51-1.33
Polychromatic normoblasts12.55.5-9.32
Orthochromatic normoblasts33.58.39-13.11
Myeloid:erythroid ratio0.162-4:1