Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 26, 2022; 10(27): 9790-9797
Published online Sep 26, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i27.9790
Table 1 Literature review of synchronous primary cancers occurring in the papilla/ampulla of Vater and other organs
CasesAge (yr)/SexTumor locationTreatmentPrognosis (mo)
Ueno et al[3] 58/MCommon bile duct, gallbladder, papilla of Vater (severe dysplasia)Surgical resection30/Disease-free survival
Seo et al[4] 42/FMajor and minor duodenal papilla of VaterEndoscopic papillectomy16/Disease-free survival
Parthasarathy et al[5] 60/FMajor and minor duodenal papilla of VaterSurgical resection8/Disease-free survival
Matheus et al[6] 50/FMajor and minor duodenal papilla of VaterSurgical resection24/Disease-free survival
Tamura et al[7]78/MLung, papilla of VaterSurgical resection60/Disease-free survival
Takahashi et al[8]66/MErythroleukemia,stomach, papilla of VaterJejuno-choledochostomyN/A
Nishihara et al[9]53/Mcommon bile duct, pancreas,papilla of VaterSurgical resectionN/A
de Garcia de la Vega et al[10] 77/MEsophagus, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection24/Recurrence due to liver metastasis
Sastry et al[11]81/MPancreas, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection10/Die of liver metastasis
Cokmert et al[12]63/Fsigmoid colon, ampulla of VaterSurgical resectionN/A
Fukaya et al[13]69/Mesophagus, stomach, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection12/Die of progressive disease
Wohlauer et al[14] 76/Mcommon bile duct, ampulla of VaterSurgical resectionN/A
Rajalingam et al[15]72/Mright colon, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection8/Disease-free survival
Aurello et al[16]33/FDuodenum, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection24/Disease-free survival
Athanasopoulos et al[17]43/Mcommon bile duct, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection18/Disease-free survival
Eriguchi et al[18]83/MStomach, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection3/Disease-free survival
Eriguchi et al[18]74/MColon, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection24/ Die of liver metastasis
Eriguchi et al[18]68/MRenal pelvis, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection14/ Die of progressive disease
Mafune et al[19]64/MEsophagus, ampulla of VaterSurgical resection13/Disease-free survival
González Sánchez et al[20]50/FColon, ampulla of VaterSurgical resectionN/A
Yoshida et al[21]58/MSigmoid colon, ampulla of VaterSurgical resectionN/A