Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 16, 2022; 10(26): 9368-9377
Published online Sep 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i26.9368
Table 1 Antithrombotic therapy in the primary prevention settings of Kawasaki disease
Mechanism of action
AspirinInitial therapy for prevention of thrombosis.(Z score ≥ 2.5)3-5 mg/kg/day-Cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitor
ClopidogrelResistance to aspirin or aspirin allergy. Dual-antiplatelet therapy for thromboprophylaxis0.2-1.0 mg/kg/day-P2Y12 inhibitor
Prasugrel/ticagrelorNANANAP2Y12 inhibitor
WarfarinThromboprophylaxis for large or giant aneurysm. (Z score > 10)INR 2-3Vitamin K antagonist
LMWHThromboprophylaxis for large or giant aneurysm.(Z score > 10)Dosage varies according to age and agent-Active antithrombin III
Table 2 Summary of case reports of patients in whom myocardial infarction was present during adulthood who were diagnosed with Kawasaki disease in childhood
Age/Sex/Age of KD diagnosis
CV risk factor
Follow up
Coronary angiography
Maximal diameter
Current case35/M/2---Aneurysm in the LCX, RCA. Stenosis in the LCX6.0 mmPCI
Jiang et al[22]21/F/2---Aneurysm in the mid-RCA. Thrombosis in the RCA-Medication
Rozo et al[23]36/M/4DL--Aneurysm in the left main and proximal LAD. Stenosis in the proximal LAD-CABG
Negoro et al[24]27/M/1---Aneurysm in all coronary arteries. Total occlusion in the mid-RCA-Thrombectomy and balloon angioplasty
Negoro et al[24]32/M/2Smoker-+Aneurysm in all coronary arteries. Stenosis in proximal the LCX and occlusion in the mid-RCA-Directional coronary atherectomy and balloon angioplasty
Shaukat et al[25]24/M/6---Aneurysm in the RCA and LCX. Occlusion in the proximal LAD, distal LCX and mid RCA17.0 mmThrombolysis
Ariyoshi et al[26]26/M/3Smoker--Aneurysm in the proximal LAD. Total occlusion in the proximal LAD9.0 mmPCI
Tsuda et al[27]26/M/0Smoker--Aneurysm in the RCA, LAD and LCX. Total occlusion in the left main8.1 mmThrombolysis
Tsuda et al[27]24/M/1--+Aneurysm in the bifurcation of the left coronary artery and proximal LAD. No significant stenosis-Medication
Kodama et al[28]25/M/7Smoker--Aneurysm in the LAD and LCX. Occlusion in the LAD and LCX-Thrombolysis
Kawai et al[29]32/M/4Smoker--Aneurysm in the LAD. Total occlusion in the proximal LAD5.8 mmPCI
Kawai et al[29]34/M/3---Aneurysm in the LAD. Total occlusion in the proximal LAD-PCI
Shiraishi et al[30]26/M/3---Aneurysm in the proximal LAD. Total occlusion in the proximal LAD8.0 mmBalloon angioplasty
Vijayvergiya et al[31]20/M/9---Aneurysm in the proximal LAD. There was no stenosis in the coronary artery13.0 mmCABG
Sato et al[32]44/M/3---Aneurysm in the proximal LAD. Occlusion in the LM8.0 mmPCI
Kitamura et al[33]20/M/3--+Aneurysm in the LAD. Stenosis in the LAD and RCA19.0 mmCABG
Kitamura et al[33]30/M/0--+Aneurysm in the RCA. Stenosis in the RCA30.0 mmCABG
Potter et al[34]36/F/4---Aneurysm in the proximal LAD, RCA. Occlusion in the RCA8.0 mmCABG
Motozawa et al[35]24/M/4-Aspirin and ticlopidine+Aneurysm in the LAD. Stenosis in the LAD9.0 mmThrombectomy