Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 16, 2022; 10(26): 9361-9367
Published online Sep 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i26.9361
Table 1 Summary of patients with multicystic biliary hamartoma in the world literature
Case No.
Patients ’age (years)/Sex
Size (cm)
Imaging or histological features
1Kobayashi et al[4], 200530/MSeg VI3.6Embedded in a fibrous stroma and lined by low columnar or cuboidal epitheliumPartial resection
2Zen et al[5], 200659/MSeg IV4.2A relatively well-circumscribed nodule was enhanced on CT by contrast medium and sustained until the delayed phaseLeft hepatectomy
370/FSeg III1.8A relatively well-circumscribed noduleSegmentectomy
469/FSeg III2.8Showed a multilocular cystic lesion containing many small cystic spacesSegmentectomy
5Kai et al[6], 200855/MSeg VI5.0Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging revealed as a low density area on T1-weighted images and a multiple bulboid high intensity area on T2-weighted images, respectivelyPartial resection
6Ryu et al[7], 201045/MSeg VII2.0-3.5 (case nos. 6-8)CT during arterial portography (CTAP) also shows that normal liver parenchyma can be found around the cystic lesionsPartial resection
758/MSeg IIICT (precontrast) shows multiple cysts and a small calcificationPartial resection
855/FSeg VI,VIIPartial resection
9Song et al[2], 201352/MSeg III2.7On T2-weighted MRI, conglomerated multiple cystic nodules with a high signal intensity were seen. Thin septae and the wall of the lesion were enhanced on contrast-enhanced, T1-weighted MRIPartial resection
10Beard et al[8], 201448/FSeg VII4.7Microscopic exam demonstrated thick, dense fibrous tissue containing cytologically bland, large caliber bile ducts with intermingled benign hepatocytesExtended right hepatectomy
11Yoh et al[9], 201469/MSeg III3.0The peripheral site of this lesion is slightly enhanced on the arterial phase. On the portal phase, the ring-enhancement of the lesion is clearer and shows honeycomb-like dilated bile ductLeft hepatectomy
12Fernández-Carrión et al[10], 201460/FSeg VI5.0Partial resection
13Tominaga et al[11], 201526/MSeg V,VI10.0Histologically, these cystic lesions were composed of variably and irregularly dilated duct structures lined by columnar epithelium resembling bile duct lining. There were no atypical cells and no papillary growth of the epithelial cellsRight hepatectomy
14Morinaga et al[12], 201753/Mleft lobe of the liver12.0Enhanced abdominal computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a multicystic tumor with a calcified wall in the left lobe of the liverLeft hepatectomy
15Ogura et al[13], 201877/FSeg III12.0CT demonstrates a huge, low-density lesion with strong enhancement at the peripheryPartial resection
16Mu et al[14], 202137/MSeg VI8.0Calcification was observed in dilated ducts; The enhancement of the septa and peripheral wall within the cystic lesion (arterial phase); The lesion showed a low-density honeycomb-like appearance (venous phase)Laparoscopic partial resection
Presentcase14/MSeg III17.0A large, cystic, space-occupying lesion, with blurred outline with respect to adjacent liver structuresLaparoscopic partial resection