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World J Clin Cases. Sep 16, 2022; 10(26): 9192-9206
Published online Sep 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i26.9192
Table 1 Summary of clinical trials assessing long-acting somatostatin analogs in treating angiodysplasia patients.
Year of publication
Number of patients
Number of transfusions before treatment
Number of transfusions after treatments
Hemoglobin levels before treatment (g/dL)
Hemoglobin levels after treatment (g/dL)
Follow-up duration
Nardone et al[30]1999178.81.5< 0.00055.711.1< 0.00056 mo
Scaglione et al[31]200713N/AN/A< 0.003137< 0.00233 mo
Bon et al[32]201215210< 0.001107< 0.00112 mo
Holleran et al[33]20162417 patients1 1.350.35< 0.0019.1911.35< 0.00278.8 mo
7 patients1 2.251.07< 0.002
Table 2 Summary of the observational studies demonstrating the role of octreotide in left ventricular assist device-associated gastrointestinal bleeding
Patients’ number
Type of study
Hayes et al[92]20105Retrospective reviewOctreotide treatmentContinuous infusion; subcutaneous injection; im injection25 µg/min; 100 µg twice daily; 10 mg each monthGI bleeding was successfully treated in all cases
Aggarwal et al[93]2012101Retrospective Univariate and multivariate regression analysisOctreotide treatmentContinuous infusion or subcutaneous injectionN/ANo significant difference was noticed in the length of stay, units of packed red blood cells administered, re-bleeding episodes, or mortality
Dias et al[95]20158Retrospective reviewOctreotide treatmentSubcutaneous injection or intravenous infusions100 mcg TDS or BIDCessation of bleeding in all cases
Smallfield et al[94]201634Retrospective cohortOctreotide secondary prophylaxisSubcutaneous & (LAR) depot injectionsN/A10 cases; re-bleed
Shah et al[96]201751Retrospective analysisOctreotide secondary prophylaxis38% LAR depot injection; 62% daily subcutaneous injectionN/A73% ± 6% freedom from; re-bleeding for 6 mo; P = 0.7