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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jul 15, 2021; 13(7): 662-672
Published online Jul 15, 2021. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v13.i7.662
Table 1 Summary of reported cases of sporadic fundic gland polyps with dysplasia or carcinoma
Age in yr
Gender, M/F
Size in mm
Endoscopic finding (white light)
H. pyloriinfection
Jalving et al[26], 200368MBody fundusNDNDNDDysplasia (high grade)YesNegative
Kawase et al[27], 200936FBody10SessileIrregular depression on the topCarcinoma (intramucosal)NDPositive
Tazaki et al [28], 201128FUpper body (posterior wall)5SessileIsochromatic/Smooth surfaceDysplasia (adenoma)NoNegative
60FUpper body (greater curvature)5SessileIsochromatic/Smooth surfaceDysplasia (adenoma)NoNegative
39FUpper body (greater curvature)8Semi-pedunculatedPartially discolored/Smooth surfaceDysplasia (adenoma)NoNegative
Jeong et al [29], 201449FMiddle body (anterior wall)8PedunculatedReddish/Erosive surfaceCarcinoma (intramucosal)NoNegative
Levy et al [30], 201556 (median)M: 29; F: 33ND5 (mean)NDNDDysplasia (low grade)Yes: 49; No: 3; ND: 10Negative
Togo et al [31], 201668MUpper body (anterior wall)5SessileReddishCarcinoma (intramucosal)NoNegative
63FUpper body (anterior wall)3SessileReddishCarcinoma (intramucosal)NoNegative
Lloyd et al[32], 201753 (mean)M: 5; F: 20Body: 14; Fundus: 11; Cardia: 1; ND: 4< 5: 13; 5-10: 10; > 10: 1; ND: 1Sessile: 20; Pedunculated: 2; ND: 3NDDysplasia (low grade)Yes: 17; No: 1; ND: 7ND
Fukudaet al[33], 201855FMiddle body (greater curvature)10SessileDistorted surface structureDysplasia (low grade); Carcinoma (intramucosal)YesNegative
Straub et al[34], 201861 (median)M: 11; F: 28NDNDNDNDDysplasia (low grade/high grade)Yes: 32; No/ND: 7Positive: 1; Negative/ND: 38
Shibukawa et al[35], 201951FMiddle body (greater curvature)10PedunculatedNDDysplasia (low grade); Carcinoma (biopsy specimen)YesNegative
10Semi-pedunculatedNDDysplasia (low grade)
10Semi-pedunculatedNDDysplasia (low grade)
Nawataet al[36], 202070FBody (greater curvature)15SessileReddishCarcinoma (intramucosal)YesNegative
Table 2 Summary of the clinical and endoscopic characteristics of sporadic fundic gland polyps with or without dysplasia/carcinoma

Fundic gland polyps (without dysplasia)
Fundic gland polyps with dysplasia
Fundic gland polyps with carcinoma
Age in yr [range]50-60 s56.71[24-88]
GenderM < FM < F
Size in mm [range]≤ 55.41[1-20]
Endoscopic findings (white light)Isochromatic/smooth surfaceRedness, irregular surface structure, depression, or erosion2
Endoscopic findings (magnifying NBI)Regularly arranged, white, dot-shaped crypt openingsNDIrregular microvessels