Systematic Reviews
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World J Hepatol. Sep 8, 2016; 8(25): 1087-1092
Published online Sep 8, 2016. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v8.i25.1087
Table 1 Clinical data
Ref.SexAgeAbdominal painNausea and vomitingFeverJaundiceAbdominal explorationPast medical history
Noomene et al[3], 2013Male48DiffuseNo (36.7 ºC)YesPainful palpation in right hypocondrium
Ertem et al[4], 2012Male32Right hyponcondrium and epigastriumNauseaNoNoPainful palpation in right hypocondrium
Krasniqi et al[5], 2010Female39Right hypocondrium (18 mo)NauseaNoPainful palpation in right hypocondrium
Murtaza et al[6], 2008Female32Right hyponcondrium and epigastrium (3 mo)NoNoHepatomegalyLiver hydatid surgery 8 yr ago
Sabat et al[7], 2008Female35Right hyponcondrium and epigastriumYesYes
Wani et al[8], 2005Female51Right hyponcondrium
Pitiakoudis et al[9], 2006Male60Right hyponcondrium (10 d)VomitingYes (38 ºC-39.5 ºC)Abdominal distension
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Female65Right hyponcondrium and epigastriumVomiting
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Female51Right hyponcondrium (6 mo)
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Male63Right hyponcondrium and epigastriumNormal
Kumar et al[11], 2004Female27DiffuseRelapsed liver hydatid cyst
Raza et al[12], 2003Male27Right hyponcondrium (4 mo)NoNoHepatomegaly
Kapoor et al[13], 2000Male53Right hyponcondrium (2 mo)Yes (high fever, 10 d)YesAbdominal distension, ascitis, gallbladder mass
Cangiotti et al[14], 1994Male
Rigas et al[15], 1979Female65Right hyponcondriumVomitingNoNormal
Barón Urbano et al[16], 1978-76Right hyponcondriumHepatomegaly, rubi spots in thorax and abdomenHepatitis
Table 2 Radiological and analitical studies
Ref.Alakaline phosphatase (UI/L)Bilirrubin (mg/dL)UltrasoundCTMRICysts inside gallbladderCholelithiasisCholedocolitihasisSerology E. granulosus
Noomene et al[3], 20132207.1YesYesCholangio MRIYesPositive
Ertem et al[4], 2012YesYesYesYesNoNoNegative
Krasniqi et al[5], 2010YesYesNo
Murtaza et al[6], 200814010.2Yes
Sabat et al[7], 2008YesYes
Wani et al[8], 2005YesYesYes
Pitiakoudis et al[9], 20060.9YesYesYesYes
Safioleas et al[10], 2004DudeDude
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Yes
Safioleas et al[10], 2004YesYesPositive
Kumar et al[11], 2004YesYes
Raza et al[12], 2003YesYes
Kapoor et al[13], 20004655.6YesYesPositive
Cangiotti et al[14], 1994
Rigas et al[15], 1979YesNo
Barón Urbano et al[16], 19782668.8
Table 3 Therapeutical strategies
Ref.Preoperative albendazoleTreatmentLiver hydatidosisIntraoperative treatment cystIntraoperative findings
Noomene et al[3], 2013NoERCP + Stent Laparoscopy cholecystectomyNoNoBiliary sludge and stones in ampulla seen in ERCP
Ertem et al[4], 2012NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNoGalbladder cyst with inflammatory changes
Krasniqi et al[5], 2010NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyYes CystopericystectomyNoCalcified primary gallbladder cyst
Murtaza et al[6], 2008Yes (2 wk)Subtotal Cholecystectomy by laparotomyNoYesBiliary communication into the cyst closed with sutures
Sabat et al[7], 2008NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoYes (aspiration + hypertonic solution cleaning)-
Wani et al[8], 2005NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNo-
Pitiakoudis et al[9], 2006NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoYes-
Safioleas et al[10], 2004NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNo5 cm × 4 cm cyst
Safioleas et al[10], 2004NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNo3 cm × 4 cm cyst
Safioleas et al[10], 2004NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNo5 cm × 4 cm cyst
Kumar et al[11], 2004NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyYes Cysts segment IV and VIII. Cystopericystectomy segment IV + PAIR segment VIIYes (aspiration + hypertonic solution cleaning) segment VII cystCyst invading segment IV. Communication between cyst and galbladder
Raza et al[12], 2003NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyYes Right Lobe EnucleationNoIn gallbladder: Stones and daughter vesicles
Kapoor et al[13], 2000NoNO. ERCP + StentNoNo-
Cangiotti et al[14], 1994NoCholecystectomy by laparotomySI. Right lobe. CystoperycystectomyNo-
Rigas et al[15], 1979NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyNoNo-
Barón Urbano et al[16], 1978NoCholecystectomy by laparotomyYes Segment IV. Done by thoracotomy-Enlarged liver. Cholangitis. Daughter vesicles in cystic conduct lumen
Table 4 Pathology, postoperative course and follow-up
Ref.Pathologic studyStayPostoperative treatmentMorbidityFollow-up
Noomene et al[3], 2013Cysts in gallbladder. Chronic inflammation1Albendazole 400 mg/dNo
Ertem et al[4], 2012Cyst in gallbladder4No6 mo
Krasniqi et al[5], 2010Calcified cyst 7 cm × 5 cm located in gallbladder mucosa7Albendazole 400 mg/d, 42 dNo5 yr
Murtaza et al[6], 2008No2 mo
Sabat et al[7], 2008Albendazole 10 mg/kg, 9 moNo
Wani et al[8], 2005
Pitiakoudis et al[9], 2006Echinococcus in gallbladder12Albendazole 800 mg/d, 4 moNo2 yr
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Echinococcus in gallbladderNo10 yr
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Cyst with wall of 5 mm. Daughter vesicles7No6 yr
Safioleas et al[10], 2004Calcified cyst with daughter vesicles10Albendazole 2 moYes: Fever, atelectasis and pleural effusion4 yr
Kumar et al[11], 2004AlbendazoleNo1 yr
Raza et al[12], 2003Albendazole 10 mg/kg per dayNo1 mo
Kapoor et al[13], 2000Postmortem: Cholangitis, chronic liver obstructionYes: Sepsis, Multiorganic failure. Death
Cangiotti et al[14], 1994
Rigas et al[15], 1979Cyst 5 cm × 4 cm with membranes. Echinococcus in gallbladder9No
Barón et al[16], 1978