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World J Stem Cells. Mar 26, 2016; 8(3): 101-105
Published online Mar 26, 2016. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v8.i3.101
Table 1 The most relevant studies on the effect of adipose-derived stem cells on viability of pedicle skin flaps in experimental animal models
Lu et al[19]2008Intracutaneous injection of (DiI)-labeled ADSCs improves capillary density
Uysal et al[20]2009ADSCs prevent ischemia-reperfusion injury by regulating growth factors, especially VEGF, bFGF, TGF-β
Gao et al[21]2011Human-ADSCs improve viability of ischemic random pedicle skin flap in mice via expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α
Sheng et al[22]2011BSCs vs SVF promotes vascularization
Karathanasis et al[23]2013Transplantation of modified GFP-ADSCs promotes blood vessel regeneration in vivo
Yue et al[24]2013Transplantation of ADSCs, combined with hypoxic preconditioning, enhances neovascularization associated with the production and activation of HIF-1α, together with an increase in VEGF
Lee et al[25]2014ADSCs delivered via sponge method increase flap vascularity
Suartz et al[26]2014Administration of ADSCs affects positively in skin-flap survival
Derby et al[28]2014Genetic modified GFP-ADSC improves overlying skin composition and appearance after fat graft transplantation
Park et al[27]2015LLLT on transplanted human-ADSCs in the skin flaps of mice stimulates the secretion of growth factors in skin flaps
Reichenberger et al[29]2012Topical application of ADSCs embedded in a fibrin matrix, increases ischemic tissue survival, blood flow and expression of pro-angioactive genes in an animal epigastric skin flap model
Reichenberger et al[30]2012ADSCs in an extended inferior epigastric artery skin flap enhance blood supply and tissue regeneration
Feng et al[31]2014Heterologous transplantation of human ADSCs in axial pedicle skin flaps improves viability of axial skin flap in mice
Xu et al[32]2015Transplantation of ADSCs promotes capillary formation
Tomita et al[33]2013Utilization of ADSCs in Lewis rats improved the sensory capability of skin flaps via the production of neurotrophic factors and nerve growth factors
Uysal et al[36]2010ADSCs and BSCs increased the vascular density, and the VEGF
Li et al[37]2010ADSCs increase the vascular density and the survival percentage of the flaps producing high cytokine levels such as VEGF-A