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World J Stem Cells. Jun 26, 2015; 7(5): 852-858
Published online Jun 26, 2015. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v7.i5.852
Table 1 Summary of histone deacetylases’ effect on endothelial cell, smooth muscle cell and cardiomyocyte differentiation
ECHDAC1EC differentiation markers ↓[28]
HDAC3EC differentiation markers ↑[29]
In vitro and in vivo angiogenesis[31]
In vivo ability to repair injured vessels
HDAC4EC differentiation[33,34]
HDAC5Endothelial colony forming cells differentiation[37]
HDAC7EC differentiation[33-35]
Maintenance of vascular integrity
Promote angiogenesis
SMCHDAC2Involved in suppressing SMC differentiation[43,44]
HDAC3Neural crest-derived smooth muscle cell differentiation ↓[43]
HDAC4Involved in suppressing SMC differentiation[44]
HDAC5Involved in suppressing SMC differentiation[44]
HADC7Full spliced HDAC7 SMC differentiation markers ↑[50]
HADC7Unspliced HDAC7 SMC differentiation markers ↓[50]
HDAC8Marker of smooth muscle differentiation[13]
CMHDAC1CM differentiation ↑[56,57]
HDAC1CM differentiation ↓[52-55]
HDAC2Induce CMs hypertrophy[58]
HDAC3Regulate early cardiogenesis[59]
HDAC4CSC-derived cardiac regeneration[60]
Restoration of cardiac function ↑