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World J Stem Cells. May 26, 2015; 7(4): 711-727
Published online May 26, 2015. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v7.i4.711
Table 1 Owners of hair regeneration patents and patent applications matching all the descriptors found in academic literature
AssigneeNo of patent applicationsPercentage
Shiseido Co Ltd57.69%
Aderans Research Institute Inc57.69%
Hospital for Sick Children23.08%
Biointegrence Inc, phoenixbio Co Ltd23.08%
Follica Inc23.08%
Organ technologies Inc23.08%
Universitiy of Jilin23.08%
University of Southern California23.08%
National University of Taiwan23.08%
Aderans Research Institute Inc, Bioamide Inc11.54%
Agency for science, technology and research11.54%
Alvi Armani Genomics Inc11.54%
Anticancer Inc, Li L, Yang M11.54%
Beijing Yonghe Hair Transplant Technology11.54%
Biomaster KK11.54%
Chen B, Gao Q, Zeng Q11.54%
Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Zoology11.54%
Total No of patent applications65100.00%
No of Entities50
Table 2 Most cited patents from 1990 to present
Publication numberTitleAssigneeInventorPublication yearCount of citing patentsRef.
WO1995001423A1Methods of culturing and modulating the growth of hair follicular stem cellsNew York State Univ, Pennsylvania UnivLavker RM, Sun T, Yang J199529[86]
WO2005053763A1Hair growth methodBiointegrence Inc, Phoenixbio Co LtdMatsunaga M, Matsunaga MC, Shimada T, Shimada TC, Toyoshima K, Toyoshima KC, Yoshizato K200517[94]
WO2003024406A2Nestin-expressing hair follicle stem cellsAnticancer IncLi L, Lingna L, Meng Y, Ri R, Yang M200317[87]
WO2005071063A1Methods of making and using skin-derived stem cellsHospital For Sick ChildrenBiernaskie J, Fernandes K, Fernandez K, Mckenzie I, Miller F, Miller FD200516[91]
WO2002060396A2Hair follicle neogenesis by injection of follicle progenitor cellsAderans Res Inst Inc, Bioamide IncBarrows TH200216[88]
US20050214344A1Tissue engineered biomimetic hair follicle graftAderans Res Inst IncBarrows T, Barrows TH, Cochran S, Cochran SA, Marshall B200515[90]
US20070092496A1Method of delivering cells to the skinAderans Res Inst IncDu X, Stenn K, Stenn KS, Washenik K, Washenik KJ, Zhang Y, Zheng Y200710[99]
WO2003104443A2Hair follicle mesenchymal stem cells and use thereofTorico Sci Innovations Inc, Trichoscience Innovations IncHoffmann R, Mcelwee KJ20039[89]
US20070122387A1Hair grafts derived from plucked hairAderans Res Inst IncBarrows TH, Cochran SA, Marshall B, Schlicher R, Su Y20079[105]
WO2007062386A2Hair follicle graft from tissue engineered skinAderans Res Inst IncBarrows TH, Macintyre P, Washenik KJ20078[98]