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Epidemiological, clinical, and histological presentation of celiac disease in Northwest China
Browse: 92   Download: 132   Issue Date: 2022-03-28
Microbiologic risk factors of recurrent choledocholithiasis post-endoscopic sphincterotomy
Browse: 91   Download: 164   Issue Date: 2022-03-28
Spinal anesthesia alleviates dextran sodium sulfate-induced colitis by modulating the gut microbiota
Browse: 83   Download: 161   Issue Date: 2022-03-28
Similarities, differences, and possible interactions between hepatitis E and hepatitis C viruses: Relevance for research and clinical practice
Browse: 69   Download: 120   Issue Date: 2022-03-28
Epidemiology of stomach cancer
Browse: 82   Download: 104   Issue Date: 2022-03-28
Real-world effectiveness of direct-acting antivirals in people living with human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus genotype 6 infections
Browse: 106   Download: 132   Issue Date: 2022-03-21
Assessment of pathogens and risk factors associated with bloodstream infection in the year after pediatric liver transplantation
Browse: 69   Download: 128   Issue Date: 2022-03-21
Rectal neuroendocrine tumors: Current advances in management, treatment, and surveillance
Browse: 91   Download: 75   Issue Date: 2022-03-21
B cells in pancreatic cancer stroma
Browse: 61   Download: 97   Issue Date: 2022-03-21
Impaired coagulation, liver dysfunction and COVID-19: Discovering an intriguing relationship
Browse: 80   Download: 142   Issue Date: 2022-03-21
Successful treatment of an enormous rectal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma by endoscopic full-thickness resection: A case report
Browse: 110   Download: 145   Issue Date: 2022-03-14
Gut dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth as independent forms of gut microbiota disorders in cirrhosis
Browse: 107   Download: 118   Issue Date: 2022-03-14
Loss of LAT1 sex-dependently delays recovery after caerulein-induced acute pancreatitis
Browse: 77   Download: 111   Issue Date: 2022-03-14
Malignant biliary obstruction due to metastatic non-hepato-pancreato-biliary cancer
Browse: 82   Download: 139   Issue Date: 2022-03-14
Feasibility of therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound in the bridge-to-surgery scenario: The example of pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Browse: 89   Download: 99   Issue Date: 2022-03-14
Sex-based differences in histology, staging, and prognosis among 2983 gastric cancer surgery patients
Browse: 128   Download: 245   Issue Date: 2022-03-07
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator prevents ischemia/reperfusion induced intestinal apoptosis via inhibiting PI3K/AKT/NF-κB pathway
Browse: 106   Download: 162   Issue Date: 2022-03-07
Applications of endoscopic ultrasound elastography in pancreatic diseases: From literature to real life
Browse: 119   Download: 137   Issue Date: 2022-03-07
Dualistic role of platelets in living donor liver transplantation: Are they harmful?
Browse: 107   Download: 121   Issue Date: 2022-03-07
Innate and adaptive immune escape mechanisms of hepatitis B virus
Browse: 175   Download: 126   Issue Date: 2022-03-07