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Gut microbiota in a population highly affected by obesity and type 2 diabetes and susceptibility to COVID-19
Browse: 163   Download: 111   Issue Date: 2021-11-07
Involvement of parathyroid hormone-related peptide in the aggressive phenotype of colorectal cancer cells
Browse: 109   Download: 183   Issue Date: 2021-11-07
Nucleic acid vaccines: A taboo broken and prospect for a hepatitis B virus cure
Browse: 117   Download: 106   Issue Date: 2021-11-07
Prophylactic transcatheter arterial embolization reduces rebleeding in non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: A meta-analysis
Browse: 170   Download: 196   Issue Date: 2021-10-28
Endoscopic ultrasound-guided vascular interventions: Current insights and emerging techniques
Browse: 173   Download: 221   Issue Date: 2021-10-28
Management of hepatitis B and C in special population
Browse: 165   Download: 315   Issue Date: 2021-10-28
Role of human nucleoside transporters in pancreatic cancer and chemoresistance
Browse: 131   Download: 196   Issue Date: 2021-10-28
Emerging artificial intelligence applications in liver magnetic resonance imaging
Browse: 149   Download: 252   Issue Date: 2021-10-28
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the neuropsychiatric status of Wilson’s disease
Browse: 123   Download: 309   Issue Date: 2021-10-21
Cold exposure and capsaicin promote 1,2-dimethylhyrazine-induced colon carcinogenesis in rats correlates with extracellular matrix remodeling
Browse: 149   Download: 345   Issue Date: 2021-10-21
Cathepsin L, transmembrane peptidase/serine subfamily member 2/4, and other host proteases in COVID-19 pathogenesis – with impact on gastrointestinal tract
Browse: 106   Download: 290   Issue Date: 2021-10-21
Evaluation of botanicals as potential COVID-19 symptoms terminator
Browse: 124   Download: 317   Issue Date: 2021-10-21
Importance of BRCA mutation in the current treatment of pancreatic cancer beyond maintenance
Browse: 178   Download: 353   Issue Date: 2021-10-21
Magnetic resonance imaging-radiomics evaluation of response to chemotherapy for synchronous liver metastasis of colorectal cancer
Browse: 181   Download: 281   Issue Date: 2021-10-12
Effects of acute kidney injury on acute pancreatitis patients’ survival rate in intensive care unit: A retrospective study
Browse: 144   Download: 336   Issue Date: 2021-10-12
High total Joule heat increases the risk of post-endoscopic submucosal dissection electrocoagulation syndrome after colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection
Browse: 140   Download: 345   Issue Date: 2021-10-12
Artificial intelligence for the early detection of colorectal cancer: A comprehensive review of its advantages and misconceptions
Browse: 186   Download: 274   Issue Date: 2021-10-12
Transcription factors specificity protein and nuclear receptor 4A1 in pancreatic cancer
Browse: 122   Download: 281   Issue Date: 2021-10-12
Gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with COVID-19: Is there a relationship with mortality and new variations of SARS-CoV-2?
Browse: 239   Download: 339   Issue Date: 2021-10-07
Abdominal cocoon in children: A case report and review of literature
Browse: 228   Download: 280   Issue Date: 2021-10-07