Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Feb 26, 2021; 9(6): 1439-1445
Published online Feb 26, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i6.1439
Table 1 Patients with pseudocyst after lumbar discectomy
Previous operation
Days till symptom aggravation (d)
Days till MRI detection (d)
Treatment of PDP
Young et al[1], 2009260/M; 38/MMED; partial discectomyUS30; 60390; 420No treatment; conservative
Kang et al[4] and Park et al[18]1520-25 M, mean 22.5PELDKoreaN/A53.75 surgical (1 OC, 4 PELC); 10 conservative
Chung et al[2], 20121211 M, 1 F, mean 29.39/12 MED; 3/12 PELDKoreaMean 23.3 (range, 9–38)Mean 31.2 (range, 14–60)5 surgical (UA); 7 conservative
Jha et al[6], 2016216/M; 18/FMED; MEDJapan7; 730; 60Conservative; conservative
Yu et al[3], 2016127/MOpen discectomyKorea1421Conservative
Prasad and Menon[7], 2017130/MDiscectomyIndian2525OC
Shiboi et al[8], 2017214/F; 27/MPELD; PELDJapan; Japan30; 2030; 20PELC; MED
Manabe et al[5], 2019121/MPELDJapan4242PELC
Present cases123/MPELDChina4040Conservative
Table 2 Comparison of histological results between discal cyst and post-discectomy pseudocyst cases since 2009
Cyst wallDense fibrous connective tissue without specific lining cell layer12 cases[9-19]2 cases[2,7]
N/A1 case[20]2 cases[3,8]
ContentSerous bloody fluid8 cases[9-11,13-15,20]3 cases[2,3,8]
Clear fluid, similar to spinal fluid1 case[12]1 case[7]
N/A4 cases[16-19]0 case
Communicating stalkConfirmed13 cases[9-20]2 cases[2,3]
N/A0 case2 cases[7,8]