Systematic Reviews
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World J Clin Cases. Oct 6, 2021; 9(28): 8425-8440
Published online Oct 6, 2021. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v9.i28.8425
Table 1 Factors affecting the extent of liver damage in hepatic artery injury
Factors affecting the extent of liver damage in hepatic artery trauma
Artery anatomy
Location of injury
Portal vein capasity
Collateral system and variations
Hemodynamic stability
Duration of HA trauma (injury invasion)
Dimensions of the operation/intervention
Cholangitis (sepsis) ?
Tissue bacteriology
Table 2 Selected and summarized hepatic artery injury, ligation, resection, or embolization series in the literature
Cases, n
HA injuries (laceration/transection, ligation/embolization)
Treatment options ligation/embolization reconstruction
Morbidity, n
Mortality, 90-d
Edgecombe and Gardner[2]40Review of the literature including cholecystectomy aneurysm and EHBT tumorNA40 ligationLigation? DrainageLF? LA?50%-75%
Brittain et al[16]5CholecystectomyNA5 injury/ligationNo reconstruction, drainage1% LA1%
Alves et al[15]55Postcholecystectomy biliary tract stricture series (Bismuth type 3-4-5)20?20 rRHA/RHA injury?, 2 HA pseudoaneurism, 4 portal vein injury43 HJ, 12 right Hx1% LA, 12% atrophyNA
Stewart et al[10]261Biliary tract injury during LCNA84 RHA injury4 Hx, HJ, drainage 12% LA, 9% LN, 17% bleeding, 7% hemobilia, …2%
Gaujoux et al[24]545PD seriesNA4 injury (Postoperative detection)4 (Thrombectomy, stenting, reconstruction) 2 left Hx2% LN, 4% thrombosis, 1% HJ3%
Tzeng et al[14]32Liver trauma (15) + Interventional HA injury (17)NA32 injury32 Embolization (2 fail)2% LA, drainage-
Li et al[12]60Biliary tract injury during LC NA8 RHA injury; 2 PHA injury5 Reconstruction (2 fail)3 LN, 3 Hx, 2 LA, 3 others3%
Turrini et al[53]471PD series471 injury? 2 planned resection2 Reconstruction--
Eshuis et al[9]758PD series143 8 planned resection, 5 injury3 Reconstruction3 PF, 4 DGE, 1 LA, 3 Rlp2%
Okada et al[52]180PD series256 preop embolization and planned resectionNo-reconstruction1 POPF-
El Amrani et al[27]2278Systematic analysis for PD (1950-2014)440 49 injury; 6 embolization (preop)18 ReconstructionPOPF 15%, DGE 39%, 0%-10%
Landen et al[3]NASystematic review for PD (1990-2016)321 injury (8 PHA, 3 RHA, 3 rRHA, 4 HA thrombosis, 3 HA injury) 5 Reconstruction (1 fail)14 LA, 3 LF, 6 AL,11 Rlp5 (24%)
Asano et al[19]343PD series511 rRHA injury; 8 rRHA planned resectionNo reconstruction; 1 drainage1 LA-
Kleive et al[20]1535Pancreatectomy seriesNA14 injury (5 SMA, 5 RHA, 2 CHA, 2 Celiac trunk); 22 planned resectionEmbolectomy, Hx, re-reconstruction, drainage4 thrombosis, 2 PPH, 1 POPF, 5 LN, 11 Rlp2 injured; 1 planned
Elsanousi et al[34]19Invasive HCC seriesNA19 HALED19 HALED18 Ascites-controlled, 2 jaundice1 Pulmonary embolism