Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. May 16, 2018; 6(5): 94-98
Published online May 16, 2018. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v6.i5.94
Table 1 Previously reported cases of bilateral hip dislocation
AuthorYearAgeSexMode of injuryConcomitant fractureHemodynamic statusTreatment
Civil et al[3]198159MMVCMandible fractureStableCR
Nadkarni et al[4]199122MMVCRight iliac fractureStableCR
Bansal et al[5]199132MMVCRight acetabular fractureStableCR
Gittins et al[6]199128MMVCMaxillofacial fractureStableCR
Shukla et al[7]199325MMVCLeft acetabular fractureStableCR + ORIF
Maqsood et al[8]199621MMVCShaft fracture of the right femurStableCR + ORIF
Kaleli et al[9]199828MMVCRight acetabular fractureStableCR + ORIF
Martínez et al[10]200036MMVCLeft acetabular fractureStableCR+ORIF
Dudkiewicz et al[11]200018MMVCFractures of the second to fifth left metacarpalsStableCR + Open reduction
Agarwal et al[12]200022MMVCComminution of the posterior lip of the left acetabulumStableCR
Lam et al[13]200118MMVCNoneStableCR
Devgan et al[14]200437MMVCNoneStableCR
López-Sánchez et al[15]200619FMVCNoneStableCR
Sahin et al[16]200745MMVCBilateral acetabular fracturesStableCR + ORIF
Pascarella et al[17]200823MMVCBilateral femoral head fracturesStableCR + Open surgery
16FMVCRight acetabular fractureStableCR + ORIF
Sah et al[18]200819FMVCBilateral acetabular wall fracturesStableCR + ORIF
Sanders et al[19]200831FMVCNoneStableCR
Olcay et al[20]201228MMVCBilateral acetabular fracturesStableCR
Hamilton et al[21]201230MMVCFracture of the left acetabulumStableCR + ORIF
30MMVCBilateral acetabular fracturesStableCR + ORIF
34MMVCFracture of the right acetabulumStableCR + ORIF
20FMVCRight transverse posterior wall acetabular fractureStableCR + ORIF
Lo et al[22]201336MMVCLeft acetabular fractureStableCR
Buckwalter et al[23]201523FMVCNoneStableCR
Abdulfattah Abdullah [24]201732FMVCFracture of left superior and inferior pubic ramiStableCR
Loupasis et al[25]199827MMotorcycle accidentNoneStableCR
Schwartz et al[26]200324MMotorcycle collisionFractures of the right femoral shaft, right femoral head and left acetabulumStableCR + ORIF
Fang et al[27]201131MHit by a falling objectFractures of the right acetabulum, right superior and inferior pubic rami and left superior pubic ramusStableCR + ORIF
Hill et al[28]199024MFall injuryRight femoral head fractureStableCR
Uslu et al[29]201257MFall injuryPosterior wall fracture of the left acetabulumStableCR + ORIF
Kanojia et al[30]201345MFall injuryNoneStableCR
Sinha[31]198538MPlane crashFracture-diastasis of the symphysis pubis and diastasis of the left sacroiliac jointStableCR