Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Dec 16, 2016; 4(12): 390-400
Published online Dec 16, 2016. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v4.i12.390
Table 1 Characteristics of patients with chemotherapy-induced reticulate hyperpigmentation
CaseAge (yr) Race SexChemoOnset (d)OCFSiteHistoCancerSeqRef.
155 NR MAdria Bleo1 Cyclo MTX Vin42NoneArms Back Legs2DM MBaK MSBaK EM3NHLPersists6
261 Ca M5-FU143CAEBack2NRGITFaded57
364 Ca MCyt1 Ida1 Lo21NoneBack ButtNRAMLUK8C5
474 Ca MCyclo Cyt1 Dexa Ida1 Vin28Mild PruBack ShdrMBaK MPaD PIALLFaded68C2
549 Ca WPac1126NoneBack ThiMBaK MPaD PIBCFaded78C1
651 NR WCyt1 Ida1> 28NoneBack (low)NRAMLNR9C2
755 Ta WPac1< 7NoneAbd Back LegsDM MBaK PIBC8Faded9CR
861 Ca WCyt1 Top28NoneBack Butt ThiRCM10AMLUK8C4
963 NR WCarbo 5-FU1311PAEBack Butt ThiNRMECNR9C1
1074 Ca WCarbo Pac142PAE PruBackRCM10OCFaded128C3
Table 2 Adverse drug reaction probability scale1,2,3,4
Are there previous conclusive reports on this reaction?Yes1
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Did the adverse event appear after the suspected drug was administered?Yes2
Answer score: Yes = +2; No = -1
Did the adverse reaction improve when the drug was discontinued or a specific antagonist was administered?Yes1
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Did the adverse reaction reappear when the drug was readministered?Yes2
Answer score: Yes = +2; No = -1
Are there alternative causes (other than the drug) that could on their own have caused the reaction?No2
Answer score: Yes = -1; No = +2
Did the reaction reappear when a placebo was given?DNK0
Answer score: Yes = -1; No = +1
Was the drug detected in the blood (or other fluids) in concentrations known to be toxic?DNK0
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Was the reaction more severe when the dose was increased, or less severe when the dose was decreased?DNK0
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Did the patient have a similar reaction to the same or similar drugs in any previous exposure?DNK0
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Was the adverse event confirmed by any objective evidence?Yes1
Answer score: Yes = +1; No = 0
Total score9