Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Aug 16, 2015; 3(8): 727-731
Published online Aug 16, 2015. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v3.i8.727
Table 1 Clinical presentation of the patients with cutaneous T-lymphoblastic lymphoma, cases from the review of literature
PatientSex/ageStagingCutaneous involvementExtracutaneous lesions
1[2]M/16Stage 4Subcutaneous nodule on the left side of neckBM involvement, lymph nodes
2[2]M/20Stage 4Multiple scalps nodulesProstate involvement
3[2]M/25Stage 4Multiple subcutaneous nodules on left side of face, scalp, and chest wallBM involvement, lymph nodes, scrotal involvement
4[2]M/17Stage 4Subcutaneous nodules on left side of neck and abdomenMediastinal mass, BM involvement, lymph nodes
5[2]F/25Stage 4Multiple subcutaneous nodules on right breast, right side of neck, chest wall, and both legsBM involvement, lymph nodes
6[2]M/39Stage 4Multiple nodule on scalpMediastinal mass, lymph nodes, BM, bone, left kidney, left pleura involvement
7[2]M/22Stage 4Multiple subcutaneous nodules on backMediastinal mass, lymph nodes, tonsil, nasopharyngeal involvement
8[7]F/24Stage 4Multiples nodules on malar regions of face, breast, trunkLymph nodes, conjunctiva
9[7]M/25Stage 4Nodule on scalpMediastinal mass
10[8]M/8Stage 1Nodule on abdominal wallNone
11[4]M/65Stage 4Multiples nodules on lower extremities and abdomenMediastinal mass, lymph nodes and BM
12[9]F/29Stage 4Multiples nodule face, breast, thoraco - mammary region, abdomen, tightsLymph nodes, BM
13 case reportedM/75Stage 4Nodules on scalp and right arm and multiples patches on trunkLymph nodes, BM