Retrospective Study
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World J Clin Cases. Jan 16, 2015; 3(1): 65-76
Published online Jan 16, 2015. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v3.i1.65
Table 1 Cumulative success rates of short implants placed in posterior region
Ref.Implant surfaceImplant lengthN implantsPeriod of evaluationSuccess rate (%)
Bahat[127]Machined-surface7 mm-5 to 70 mo90.50
Winkler et al[130]Machined-surface< 10 mm1813 yr93.40
Friberg et al[103]Machined-surface< 10 mm2478 yr93.70
Deporter et al[84]Porous-surface7 or 9 mm488.2 to 50.3 mo100.00
Tawil et al[107]Machined-surface ≤ 10 mm26912 to 92 mo95.50
Griffin et al[113]Hydroxyapatite-coated8 mm168Up to 68 mo100.00
Renouard et al[151]Machined or oxidized surface6 to 8.5 mm962 yr94.60
Goené et al[110]Acid-etched surface7 or 8.5 mm3113 yr95.80
Misch et al[85]Roughened surface7 or 9 mm7456 yr98.90
Anitua et al[86]Micro-rough acid-etched surface; bioactive surface7 to 8.5 mm5325 yr99.20
Grant et al[117]-8 mm335up to 2 yr99.00
Anitua et al[114]-< 8.5 mm1.2871 to 8 yr99.30
De Santis et al[97]Oxidized surface< 8.5 mm1071 to 3 yr98.10
Maló et al[104]Oxidized surface7 mm21712 mo95.00
Pieri et al[111]-6 mm612 yr96.80
Perelli et al[27]Porous-surface5 or 7 mm1105 yr90.00
Jiansheng et al[109]Hydroxyapatite-coated and ankylos5.7 to 8 mm1622 yr99.40
Slotte et al[29]Acid-etched surface4 mm1002 yr92.30
Deporter et al[88]Porous-surface7 or 9 mm4810 yr95.50
Table 2 Cumulative success rates of implants placed in posterior region
Ref.N implantsPosterior zonePeriod of evaluationImplant systemsSuccess rate (%)
Jemt et al[4]259Maxilla and mandible5 yrNobelpharma97.20
Zarb et al[144]105Maxilla and mandible2.6-7.4 yrNobelpharma94.30
Block et al[142]443Mandible10 yr79.30
Becker et al[143]282Maxilla and mandible6 yrBranemark89.40
Bahat[145]660Maxilla10 yrBranemark93.40
Attard et al[5]106Maxilla and Mandible10 yrNobel biocare94.00
Attard et al[152]432Maxilla and Mandible15 yrNobel biocare91.60
Jebreen et al[7]141Maxilla and Mandible12-69 moITI96.45
Blanes et al[6]192Maxilla and Mandible10 yrITI97.90
Huynh-Ba et al[153]273Maxilla8 yr-94.90
Maló et al[70]247Maxilla and Mandible11 yrNobel biocare95.10
Schneider et al[126]100Maxilla and Mandible5 yrNobel biocare and straumann standard95.80