Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Apr 26, 2024; 12(12): 2065-2073
Published online Apr 26, 2024. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v12.i12.2065
Table 1 Comparison of conditions between before and after treatment with anti-human immunodeficiency virus
Test items
Muscle strengthVV
Pathological reflex(-)(-)
Neuroradiology (+)Improvement
Table 2 Difference between a previous case report about rapidly progressive dementia with human immunodeficiency virus and current report
Babi et al[4]2016Male66United StatesConceptual apraxia, apathy, memory impairment, and gait disturbance, ataxia with gait disturbance, chronic peripheral neuropathyCSF: 14-3-3(+); T-Tau(+); RT-Qu IC(+); MRI: signal abnormalities in the bilateral caudate, putamen, and thalami, as well as gyriform cortical; EEG: (-); PRNP: N/A; Autopsy: CJDSporadic CJDPalliative carePassed away (3 months)
Eimer et al[7]2018Male59CaucasianMildly disoriented being insecure about the situation and locationCSF: 14-3-3(+); MRI: signal abnormalities in the caudate nuclei, frontal cortex, and parietal cortex bilaterally; EEG: periodic triphasic spike and wave complexes; PRNP: M129V; Autopsy: CJDSporadic CJDPalliative carePassed away (2 months)
Abu-Rumeileh et al[3]2018Male62ItalyDrowsy, with reduced verbal fluency, miotic reagent pupils, and a mask face. Axial and limb plastic hypertonia and dystonia of both handsCSF: 14-3-3(+); MRI: cortical atrophy and multiple white matter lesions. EEG: pseudo-periodic slow spike discharges; PRNP: N/A; Autopsy: CJDSporadic CJDPalliative carePassed away (4 months)
De Carvalho Neto et al[6]2019Male52CaucasianProgressive imbalance, motor and cognitive deterioration and hypersomniaCSF: 14-3-3(+); MRI: cortical gyri_x005f form restriction on both hemispheres; EEG: triphasic PSWC; PRNP: N/A; Autopsy: N/AProbable sporadic CJDPalliative carePassed away (greater than 2 months)
van de Ven et al[21]2019Male63Black ZimbabweanProgressive difficulties with decision-making, obsessive compulsive disorder and visual hallucinationsCSF: 14-3-3 (weakly+); MRI: bilateral abnormal signal within the posterolateral thalami compatible with pulvinar sign; EEG: Diffuse excess of slow activity; PRNP: M129V; Autopsy: CJDVariant CJDPalliative carePassed away (10 months)
Dahy et al[5]2021Male52BrazilGlobal cerebellar syndrome, bilateral Babinski, 4-limb paratonia and release of face axial reflexes. The memory, attention and executive function deficitsCSF: 14-3-3(+); MRI: bilateral hyper intensity of images in caudal nuclei; EEG: (-); PRNP: M129V; Autopsy: N/AProbable sporadic CJDN/APassed away (13 months)
Dahy et al[5]2021Male61BrazilAsthenia, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping and occasional memory lapses, uncoordinated steps, visual delusions and bladder incontinenceCSF: 14-3-3(+); MRI: bilateral cortical ribboning in the cerebral cortex; PRNP: N/A; EEG: N/A; Autopsy: N/AProbable sporadic CJDN/APassed away (5 months)
Current report2022Male54Han/ChinaProgressive hypomnesis, paroxysmal anterograde amnesia, unsteady gaitCSF: 14-3-3 (weakly+); MRI: Bilateral abnormal signal within the posterolateral thalami compatible; EEG: Borderline abnormality of the periodic triphasic wave; PRNP: 129 M/M; Autopsy: N/AProbable ADCAnti-HIVImproved and following-up