Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Mar 6, 2020; 8(5): 939-945
Published online Mar 6, 2020. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v8.i5.939
Figure 1
Figure 1 Imaging findings. A and B: Chest contrast-enhanced computed tomography scans showed several cystic-solid encapsulated masses in posterior-inferior mediastinum with well-defined margins, fatty density, soft tissue density, calcification and slight enhancement; C: 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET showed the maximum standardized uptake value (SUVave) of 1.8.
Figure 2
Figure 2 Pathological findings. A: Gross appearance showed the largest tumor was about 105 mm × 94 mm × 88 mm in size, and the smallest was about 20 mm in diameter; the tumors had integrated capsules; B and C: H&E staining showed a well-differentiated liposarcoma component and spindle cell component (× 100 and × 200, respectively); C: Immunohistochemical analysis showed the tumor was positive for S-100 protein in scattered cells (× 200).