Case Report
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World J Clin Cases. Sep 16, 2022; 10(26): 9411-9416
Published online Sep 16, 2022. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v10.i26.9411
Figure 1
Figure 1 Anesthesia record sheet with significant events or intravenously administered drugs indicated with arrows. Arrow 1: Atropine 0.5 mg and glycopyrrolate 0.2 mg; Arrow 2: Labetalol 10 mg; Arrow 3: Labetalol 10 mg; Arrow 4: Surgery was suspended; Arrow 5: Sevoflurane inhalation was initiated; Arrow 6: Propofol administration was discontinued; Arrow 7: Invasive BP monitoring was initiated, and surgery was resumed; Arrow 8: Nicardipine 1 mg; X: Induction was started; T: Intubation was done; S: Surgery was started; F: Surgery was finished; E: Emergence was done. HR: Heart rate; SBP: Systolic blood pressure; DBP: Diastolic blood pressure; MBP: Mean blood pressure; SpO2: Saturation of percutaneous oxygen; RR: Respiratory rate; T1: Temperature 1; ISBP1: Invasive systolic blood pressure 1; IDBP1: Invasive diastolic blood pressure 1; IMBP1: Invasive mean blood pressure 1; VT: Tidal volume; EtCO2: End-tidal CO2; PIP: Peak inspiratory pressure; TOF: Train-of-four; BIS: Bispectral index; SPV: Systolic pressure variation; dPP: Delta pulse pressure; SEVO: Sevoflurane; HS: Hartmann solution; PSA: Plasma solution A; TCI PPF: Target-controlled infusion of propofol; TCI 1mg RFTi: Target-controlled infusion of 1mg remifentanil; VEC: Vecuronium.