Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Surg. Nov 27, 2022; 14(11): 1310-1319
Published online Nov 27, 2022. doi: 10.4240/wjgs.v14.i11.1310
Table 1 Outcome of treatment in case of CA stenosis due to atherosclerosis
Number of cases
Age, yr
Degree of CA stenosis
Time between vascular reconstruction and surgery
Discharged POD
Berney et al[9], 19991369 median agesPancreatic adenocarcinoma9 occlusion, 5 subtotal stenosis, 1 partial stenosis2 GDA preservationIOPancreatic fistulaN/A
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma1 aortohepatic bypassIONo complications
2 Pancreatic adenocarcinoma, 5 chronic pancreatitis, 1 ampullary cancer, 1 duodenal adenoma9 no reconstructionIO2 liver ischemia3 pancreatic fistulas
Pancreatic adenocarcinoma1 CeA reimplantationIONo complications
Nara et al[2], 2005257Duodenal cancerOcclusionMiddle colic right gastroepiploic anastomosisIOTransient liver ischemia35 d
61Duodenal cancerOcclusionPreservation of replaced RHAIOPancreatic fistula128 d
Hayashibe et al[17], 2005175Duodenal cancerOcclusionAorta-CHA venous bypassIONo complications35 d
Halazun et al[16], 2006165CCA50%Preoperative stent1 dNo complicationsN/A
Soonawalla et al[5], 2007160Pancreatic adenocarcinomaOcclusionCeA reimplantation into aortaIONo complicationsN/A
Smith et al[18], 20071076 median ages (73-86)Adenocarcinoma, ampullary tumor, islet cell tumor, papillary tumor3 pt 30%; 1 pt 20%; 2 pt 50%; 1 pt 25%; 2 pt 60%; 1 pt occlusion10 no reconstructionIO1 death for MOF, 1 GI bleedingN/A
Gaujoux et al[4], 2009372Malignant ampullomaN/AAortohepatic bypassIOPancreatic fistulaN/A
59Pancreatic adenocarcinomaN/APreoperative CeA stent3 wkPancreatic fistulaN/A
77Malignant ampullomaN/APostoperative CeA stent0 PODPancreatic fistulaN/A
El-Ghazaly et al[19], 2009170Pancreatic adenocarcinomaOcclusionAnterior pancreaticoduodenal arcade resected and anastomosed end-to-endIONo complications10 d
Berselli et al[20], 2010172Branch type IPMNOcclusionSide to side anastomosis SPPDA to the IPPDAIOPancreatic fistula, GI bleeding, Splenic artery pseudoaneurysm97 d
Yi et al[21], 2014151NETN/APreoperative angioplasty and stent of CA1 moNo complications7 d
Beane et al[22], 2017169Pancreatic cancerOcclusionSMA to HA venous bypassIOPancreatic fistula, GI bleeding, pseudoaneurysm of graft; hepatic abscess (4 mo after discharge)30 d
Zhou et al[10], 20188473 median ages (61-88)N/A47 pt (mild 1%-49%); 37 pt (substantial 50%-99%)No treatmentIO2 deaths, 2 GI bleeding, 11 biliary fistulas, 8 pancreatic fistulas21 d median (8-21 POD)
Tagkalos et al[23], 2018164Pancreatic adenocarcinomaOcclusion (postoperative diagnosis)Heparinization3 PODTransient liver ischemia14 d
Oikawa et al[7], 2022180CCAOcclusionNo reconstructionIOPancreatic fistula41 d