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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jan 15, 2016; 8(1): 55-66
Published online Jan 15, 2016. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v8.i1.55
Table 1 Principal phase III clinical trials involving targeted therapy in pancreatic cancer
AgentTarget pathwayTreatmentSettingnmOS (mo)PFS (mo)FDA approvalRef.
ErlotinibEGFR signalingGEM plus erlotinibM/LA5696.24 vs 5.913.75 vs 3.55Yes[5]
vs GEM plus P(P = 0.038)(P = 0.004)
CetuximabEGFR signalingGEM plus cetuximabM/LA7666.5 vs 63.5 vs 3No[17]
vs GEM(P = 0.14)(P = 0.058)
TipifarnibKRAS pathwayGEM plus tipifarnibM/LA6886.3 vs 63.7 vs 3.6No[30]
vs GEM(P = 0.75)(P = 0.72)
GanitumabIGFR pathwayGEM plus ganitumab (12 mg/kg or 20 mg/kg)M80012 mg/kg arm12 mg/kg armNo[35]
vs GEM plus P7.0 vs 7.23.7 vs 3.6
(P = 0.494)(P = 0.520)
60 mg/kg arm60 mg/kg arm
7.1 vs 7.23.7 vs 3.7
(P = 0.397)(P = 0.403)
BevacizumabAngiogenesisGEM plus bevacizumabM/LA6025.7 vs 6.04.8 vs 4.3No[36]
vs GEM plus P(P = 0.40)(P = 0.99)
AfliberceptAngiogenesisGEM plus afliberceptM/LA5466.5 vs 7.83.7 vs 3.7No[38]
vs GEM plus P(P = 0.203)(P = 0.864)
AxitinibAngiogenesisGEM plus axitinibM/LA6328.5 vs 8.24.4 vs 4.4No[41]
vs GEM plus P(P = 0.543)(P = 0.520)
MarimastatTumor stromaGEM plus marimastatM/LA2395.4 vs 5.43 vs 3.1No[75]
vs GEM(NA)(NA)
Table 2 Principal phase II clinical trials involving targeted therapy in pancreatic cancer
AgentTarget pathwayTreatmentSettingnRef.
CetuximabEGFR signalingGEM plus cisplatin plus cetuximabM/LA[16]
GEM plus cisplatin
GefitinibEGFR signalingGEM plus gefitinibM/LA57[18]
(single arm)
TrastuzumabEGFR signalingGEM plus trastuzumabM/LA34[20]
(single arm)2+/3+ HER-2 expression
TrastuzumabEGFR signalingCapecitabine plus trastuzumabM/LA17[21]
(single arm)3+ HER-2 expression or gene amplification(212 screened)
NimotuzumabEGFR signalingGEM plus nimotuzumabM/LA18[23]
(single arm)
NimotuzumabEGFR signalingNimotuzumab monotherapyRefractory to first line standard chemotherapy M/LA56[24]
(single arm)
SelumetinibKRAS/MEK pathwayCapecitabine plus selumetinibRefractory to first line standard chemotherapy M/LA70[31]
vs Capecitabine
TrametinibKRAS/MEK pathwayGEM plus trametinibM/LA160[32]
vs GEM plus P
SorafenibAngiogenesisGEM plus sorafenibM/LA70[40]
(single arm)
RO4929097Hedgehog signalingRO4929097 monotherapyRefractory to first line standard chemotherapy M18[57]
(single arm)
EverolimusmTOR pathwayEverolimus plus capecitabineM/LA31[67]
(single arm)
Table 3 Principal ongoing trials involving targeted therapy in pancreatic cancer identifierAgentTargetStatus
NCT01728818AfatinibEGFR signalingRecruiting
NCT01659502TL-118AngiogenesisNot yet recruiting
NCT01088815VismodegibHedgehog signalingRecruiting
NCT01096732VismodegibHedgehog signalingTerminated
NCT01431794LDE-225Hedgehog signalingRecruiting
NCT00515866KU-0059436PARP inhibitorCompleted
NCT01585805VeliparibPARP inhibitorRecruiting
NCT01571024BKM120mTOR and PI3K/Akt pathwayRecruiting
NCT01028495RX-0201mTOR and PI3K/Akt pathwayCompleted
NCT01337765BEZ235 + MEK162mTOR and PI3K/Akt pathwayCompleted
NCT00560963EverolimusmTOR pathwayCompleted
NCT00075647TemsirolimusmTOR pathwayCompleted
NCT01839487PEGPH20Tumor stromaRecruiting