Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jun 15, 2011; 3(6): 99-102
Published online Jun 15, 2011. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v3.i6.99
Table 1 Case series of all reported cases of duodenal metastasis secondary to renal cell cancer
YearAuthorsYears after nephrectomyPresentationDiagnosisPart of duodenum involvedCourse and outcome
2007Haffner2Severe anemia, chronic GI bleedCT scan of abdomen, endoscopySecond and firstSurgical resection
2006Segawa13Fatigue, weight loss, GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondPalliative care. Died in 5 mo
2006Bhatia1Abdominal lump, JaundiceEndoscopy and biopsySecondPalliative treatment. Lost to follow up
2006Harish3Acute upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondEn-bloc pancreatico-duodenectomy, no other metastatic lesion, disease free for 2 years
2004Loualidi2Weakness, exertional dyspnea, occult GI blood lossEndoscopy and biopsySecondPalliative radiotherapy. Alive for three years
2004Chang9Acute massive upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondSurgery
2002LisliNAAcute upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondNephrectomy and en-bloc metastasectomy
2001Mendoza2Epigastric pain, Nausea, vomitingERCP and biopsySecondNecrotizing pancreatitis. Palliative care
2001Hashimoto11Upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondTotal pancreatectomy and duodenectomy
1999YavascaoguluNAFlank painEndoscopy and biopsy and CT scanSecondPylorus preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy. Recurrence free for 1 year
1998Janzen17.5MelenaEndoscopy and biopsySecondTotal pancreatectomy, duodenectomy, cholystectomy, splenectomy. Discharged home alive
1996Gastaca8Weakness, palpitations, GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondDuodenal resection. Did well for two years
1996Toh10Duodenal obstructionCT scan and surgical excision biopsyFirst and SecondDuodenectomy and discharged
1994Vesga9Acute upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondDuodenal and pancreatic resection
1987Lynch-Nyhan1Massive upper GI bleedEndoscopy and biopsySecondGastroduodenal artery embolization. 6 mo documented survival
6Obstructive Jaundice and hematobiliaEndoscopy and biopsySecondGastroduodenal artery embolization. Died 6 mo later
2MelenaCT scanSecondDuodenal and caval extension. Refused treatment