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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Dec 15, 2011; 3(12): 175-181
Published online Dec 15, 2011. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v3.i12.175
Table 1 Summary of the associations for digestive cancers and the polymorphic genotype of XRCC5 and XRCC6 genes
CancerAuthorGeners numberLocationStudy subjects
Ethnic areaCasesControlsStatistical significanceBrief description
Oral cancerHsu[28]XRCC5828907PromoterTaiwan600600SAllele C is of higher risk
9288518Intron 19NS
Bau[27]XRCC65751129PromoterTaiwan318318SAllele T is of higher risk, and interacted with betel quid chewing habits
132774Intron 3NS
Esophageal cancerDong[40]XRCC5Accession number: DQ7874341Intron16China mainland329631SAllele A is of higher risk
Accession number: DQ7874341Intron16NS
Gastric cancerDong[40]XRCC5Accession number: DQ7874341Intron16China mainland255631SAllele A is of higher risk
Accession number: DQ7874341Intron16SAllele G is of higher risk
Colorectal cancerYang[51]XRCC5828907PromoterTaiwan mainland362362SAllele T is of higher risk, and interacted with smoking habits
9288518Intron 19NS