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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jan 15, 2010; 2(1): 36-43
Published online Jan 15, 2010. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v2.i1.36
Table 1 Morbidity and mortality rates after cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy
Authors, yrPatients (n)PSMDeath (%)Overall morbid (%)Major morbidMost common complications
Jacquet et al[21], 1996605-35
Stephens et al[10], 1999200Mixed1.5-27PeripancreaticBowel perf/anast leakBleeding
Glehen et al[11], 2003216Mixed3.230.523.6Bowel perf/anast leakHaematolProlonged ileus
Kusamura et al[14], 2006209Mixed0.9-12Bowel perf/anast leakBleedingSepsis
Smeenk et al[12], 2006103PMP115454InfectionBowel perf/anast leakCardiopulm
Gusani et al[15], 2008124Mixed1.656.529.8ReoperationBowel perf/anast leakSepsis
Sugarbaker et al[23], 2006356PMP2.074.240.2HaematolGastrointCardiovasc
Yan et al[24], 200770PM3.04114BleedingResp failureBowel perf/anast leak
Elias et al[13], 2007106Mixed4-66Bowel perf/anast leakLung infectionHaematol
Levine et al[26], 2007501Mixed4.343.1----
Verwaal et al[22], 2004102CRC7.86535Bowel perf/anast leakInfectionHaematol
Feldman et al[27], 200349PM038-HepaticRenalHaematol
Stewart et al[28], 2006110PMP638-Wound infectionHaematolResp failure
Table 2 Bowel complications associated with cytoreductive surgery and perioperative intra-peritoneal chemotherapy
Authors, yrPatients (n)Ratio anast/patientProtective ostomy (%)BC/A ratio (%)Bowel complications rate (%)Risk factors for bowel complications
Jacquet et al[21], 1996601.8None9.317Duration, No. of peritonectomy procedures1
Stephens et al[10], 1999200NANANA7.5Intraoperative blood loss1
Witkamp et al[30], 20014623917.434
Elias et al[31], 2001642.6NA818.8
Elias et al[32], 2003362.8NA7.222.2
Parvaiz et al[33], 200243NANANA5
Glehen et al[11], 2003560.6Carcinomatosis extent, duration, No. of anastomoses1
Glehen et al[34], 200373NANA10.7
Verwaal et al[22], 2004102> 242NA17.6
Shen et al[35], 200477NA13NANA
Table 3 Systemic toxicity after cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intra-peritoneal chemotherapy
Authors, yrPatients (n)HIPEC drug scheduleEPICSevere hematological toxicity (%)Renal toxicity (%)Mortality (%)Risk factor for systemic toxicity
Jacquet et al[21], 199660MMC607-5Not identified
Schnake et al[44], 1999242MMC/CDDPYes2.5-4Not identified
Stephens et al[10], 1999200MMC1454-1.5Not identified
Glehen et al[11], 2003216MMC or CDDP or CDDP + MMC-
Verwaal et al[22], 2004102MMC-18.64.98NA
Shen et al[35], 200477MMC-19-4NA
Smeenk et al[12], 2006103MMC-10.6-11NA
Elias et al[43], 200583Ox + CPT11 + ev 5-FU + AF-48-4.8Duration of proc; PCI
Kusamura et al[42], 2007247CDDP + MMC or CDDP + Dx- dose > 240 mg; CDDP + Dx schedule for HIPEC