Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Dec 15, 2022; 14(12): 2404-2414
Published online Dec 15, 2022. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v14.i12.2404
Table 1 Characteristics of laboratory examinations
Initial visit
3 mo
12 mo
Reference value range
Full blood count
White cell count as × 109/L6.47.553.58(3.5-9.5)
Neutrophils as × 109/L4.515.562.25(1.8-6.3)
Lymphocytes as × 109/L1.31.320.68(1.1-3.2)
Monocytes as × 109/L0.360.50.23(0.1-0.6)
Platelets as × 109/L218223208(125-350)
Hemoglobin in g/L144136157(130-175)
Tumor markers
Carbohydrate antigen 724 in U/mL16.4115.5115.67(< 6.9)
Carbohydrate antigen 199 in U/mL15.8816.844.43(≤ 34)
Carcinoembryonic antigen in ng/mL)2.812.860.78(≤ 5)
Blood biochemical indicators
Alanine aminotransferase in U/L161114(≤ 41)
Aspartate aminotransferase in U/L131315(≤ 41)
Globulin in g/L28.925.519(64-83)
Albumin in g/L38.232.225(35-52)
Creatine kinase in U/L935624(≤ 190)
Lactic dehydrogenase in U/L163156202(135-225)
Urea nitrogen in mmol/L8.9712.5412.83(3.1-8.0)
Creatinine in μmol/L126130152(59-104)
Estimated glomerular filtration rate in mL/min/1.73 m25552.949.5(> 90)
Random blood glucose in mmol/L6.225.396.12(< 11.1)
Serum potassium in mmol/L4.23.883.89(3.5-5.1)
Serum sodium in mmol/L141.5141142(136-145)
Cardiac troponin T in pg/mL2.22.52.7(≤ 34.2)
N terminal pro B type natriuretic peptide in pg/mL534559(< 161)
Fibrinogen in g/L4.315.035.88(2-4)
D-Dimer in μg/mL FEU1.361.057.19(< 0.5)
Other indicators
Antinuclear antibodies1:1001:100Not available(negative)
Immunoglobulin IgG in g/L9.318.579.27(7-16)
Complement C3 in g/L1.461.321.39(0.8-1.8)
Complement C4 in g/L0.670.390.51(0.1-0.4)
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate in mm/h202125(0-15)
High sensitivity C-reactive protein in mg/L5.526.436.83(0-5)
Interleukin 6 in pg/mL2.723.562.98(0.1-2.9)
Tumor necrosis factor α in pg/mL2.072.973.12(0.1-23)
T lymphocyte (CD3 + CD19 -) as /μL830977780(955-2860)
B lymphocyte (CD3 + CD19 -), as /μL628452(90-560)
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodynegativenegativenegative(negative)
Procalcitonin< 0.05< 0.05< 0.05 (< 0.05)
Table 2 Gastric signet ring cell adenocarcinoma
Sites of skin involvement
Initial present symptoms
1Male/67Nodular lesions on his eyelid, cheeks, scalp, and backWeight loss of 8 kg within 1 moNot availableDOD 3 mo after skinXELOX chemotherapy (oxaliplatin and capecitabine)[23]
2Male/69On forehead, back, neck, and armsDysphagia from eating and multiple cutaneous nodulesNot availableDOD 1 mo after skinSurgery[24]
3Female/53On abdomen and thighsLivedo reticularisNot availableDOD 7 mo after skinChemoradiation[25]
4Female/72Skin infiltration in the lower limbs, abdomen, and root of the upper limbsLymphangitisStage IIIa DOD 5 mo after skinAdjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine + oxaliplatin[26]
5Female/75On the abdomenIndurated scarlike lesions on the epigastric areaStage IIIa (T4aN1M0)DOD 3 mo after skinChemotherapy (5-fluorouracil, infusional folinic acid, and oxaliplatin)[27]
6Female/57On the abdomenWith growing lesions on skinStage IIIa (T3N2M0)Not availableAdjuvant chemotherapy [infusional folinic acid + 5-fluorouracil] and radiotherapy, a second round of chemotherapy[20]
7Female/45On head and the backThe cutaneous metastases disappearedSurvivalChemotherapy with S-1 (Tegafur) plus cisplatin [28]
8Male/52Armpits, axillae, groin, and neck foldsProgressive dermal, mucosal, and perianal lesions, weight lossT3N2M1Not availableN/A[18]
9Male/21Cutaneous nodule on his chestCutaneous noduleStage IVSurvivalChemotherapy with oxaliplatin (day 1) and S-1[29]
10Male/85A lesion of the right occipital scalpAbdominal pain, malaiseT4N1M0DOD 5 mo after skinNot available[30]
11Male/35Cutaneous nodules on the upper chest, abdomen and left scapular regionWithout any local or general clinical symptomsNot availableNot availableNot available[15]
12Male/76Skin ulcer on right hypochondriumHematemesis, weight loss and loss of appetiteT4N2M0DOD 1 mo after skinChemotherapy with irinotecan and oxaliplatin[16]
13Female/50Large erythematous plaque on the left side of the neck; and an erythematous lesion in the perineal regionBowel habit and weight lossNot availableDOD 0.5 mo after skinNot available[31]
14Male/59Painless nodule of the left flankPainless nodule of the left flankNot availableDOD 0.5 mo after skinMetastatic infiltration of a 32-yr-old surgical scar[32]
15Male/50The umbilical areaWith a single asymptomatic skin lesionNot availableNot availableNot available[19]
16Male/69Asymptomatic indurated scar-like lesionAsymptomatic indurated scar-like lesionStage IVDOD 10 mo after skinChemotherapy with cisplatin, Taxotere, and xeloda[33]
17Female/71Limited cyan erythema on the right side of the middle and lower abdomenAbdominal skinNot availableDOD 12 mo after skinChemotherapy (unknown medication)[34]
18Male/48Bracelet bracelet ("tripe palm"); and hyperkeratosis of fingersSkin edema with pigmentationNot availableDOD 36 mo after skinChemotherapy with cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil and folic acid[35]
19Male/44Multiple cutaneous eruptions on face and neckVomiting and weight lossNot availableN/ANot available[17]
20Male/51Abdominal and backWithout any symptomNot availableDOD 2 mo after skinSurgery[36]
21Male/67Diffuse erythematous and warm induration over his right cheek and neckDyspepsiaStage IVDOD 0.75 mo after skinRadiotherapy[37]
22Male/55Lower part of face and neckWith multiple itchy nodulesNot availableDOD 7~8 mo after skinNot available[21]
23Female/58Right inguinal erythema with itchingWith chylothoraxNot availableDOD 4 mo after skinNot available[38]
24Male/44On the face, trunk, and upper extremitiesMultiple cutaneous nodulesStage IVSurvivalChemotherapy with an oxaliplatin-based regimen and denosumab[39]
25Male/68Right chin region and on the left foreheadErythematous skin lesion, nodular skin lesionT4N0M0Not availableSurgical treatment[40]