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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Jan 15, 2022; 14(1): 163-180
Published online Jan 15, 2022. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v14.i1.163
Table 1 Characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma patients receiving immunotherapy as a downstaging or bridging approach to liver transplantation
Underlying liver disease
MTD (cm)
Pathology milan in/out
Days before LT
Post-LT follow-up (mo)
Initial immunosuppression
1Tabrizian et al[6]69MNone10Milan out within UCSF21 cyclesNivolumab1823Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
2Tabrizian et al[6]56FHCV5.4Milan out within UCSF8 cyclesNivolumab2222Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
3Tabrizian et al[6]58MHBV21Milan in32 cyclesNivolumab122Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
4Tabrizian et al[6]63MHCV, HIV4.4Milan in4 cyclesNivolumab221Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
5Tabrizian et al[6]30MHBV3.2Milan in25 cyclesNivolumab2216Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFMild
6Tabrizian et al[6]63MHBV2Milan in4 cyclesNivolumab1314Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
7Tabrizian et al[6]66MHBV2.5Milan in9 cyclesNivolumab25314Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
8Tabrizian et al[6]55FHBV2.8Milan in12 cyclesNivolumab78Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
9Tabrizian et al[6]53FNASH8.7Milan out within UCSF2 cyclesNivolumab308Tapering steroids + tacrolimus + MMFNo
10Schwacha-Eipper et al[7]66MAlcohol-associated liver cirrhosis6.4Milan out34 cyclesNivolumab10512NANo
11Nordness et al[8]65MHCV5.5Milan in2 yrNivolumab8Death at day 10Tacrolimus + MMF + steroidsYes
Table 2 Characteristics and reported outcomes of published cases with hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence receiving immunotherapy after liver transplantation
HCC recurrence
Immunosuppression protocol before immunotherapy
Duration of IMT (wk)
Interval from LT to IMT (yr)
Graft rejection
Tumor respon-se
Follow-up (mo)
Cause of death
1De Toni and Gerbes[27]41MIR and ERLow-dose tacrolimusNivolumab301NoPD10-
2Friend et al[59]20MERSirolimusNivolumab44Yes, lethal (17 d)NA1OF (4 wk after ICI initiation)
3Friend et al[59]14MERTacrolimusNivolumab23Yes, lethal (7 d)NA1OF (5 wk after ICI initiation)
4Varkaris et al[25]70MERLow-dose tacrolimusPembrolizumab11.38NoPD3PD
5DeLeon et al[60]57MHCC recurrenceTacrolimusNivolumab5.12.7NoPD1.2Probably PD
6DeLeon et al[60]56MHCC recurrenceSirolimus + MMFNivolumab4.77.8NoPD1.1Probably PD
7DeLeon et al[60]35FHCC recurrenceTacrolimusNivolumab5.63.7NoPD1.3Probably PD
8DeLeon et al[60]64MHCC recurrenceTacrolimusNivolumab1.31.2NoNA0.3MOF
9DeLeon et al[60]68MHCC recurrenceSirolimusNivolumab3.91.1Yes (27 d)NA0.9PD
10Gassmann et al[58]53FEREverolimus + MMF + steroidsNivolumab23Yes, lethal (7 d)NA0.8OF (2 wk after ICI initiation)
11Rammohan et al[32]57MERTacrolimus + MMF + steroid + mTOR inhibitorPembrolizumab42.94.3NoCR10Alive
12Zhuang et al[90]54MERTacrolimusNivolumab622.7NoPD20PD
13Al Jarroudi et al[91]70MIRTacrolimusNivolumab8> 3.0Yes (45 d)NA4PD
14Al Jarroudi et al[91]62FERTacrolimusNivolumab102.5NoPD2.5Alive
15Al Jarroudi et al[91]66MIR and ERTacrolimusNivolumab12> 4.75NoPD3Alive
16Amjad et al[24]62FIR and ER-Nivolumab82.71.3NoCR20Alive
17Wang et al[92]48MERSirolimus + tacrolimusPembrolizumab31Yes (5 d)NA8Alive
18Qiu et al[93]54MIR and ERSirolimusCamrelizumab394.3NoPD11PD
19Tan et al[21]56MERTacrolimus + MMFHBV-TCR T cells521.1NoPR12Alive
20Tan et al[21]45MIR and ERSirolimusHBV-TCR T cells164.4NoPD3.7Alive
21Qasim et al[20]70MERTacrolimusHBV-TCR T cells8.611NoPD2PD
22Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceTacrolimus + sirolimusHBV-TCR T cells101.5----
23Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceTacrolimus + sirolimus + MMFHBV-TCR T cells41----
24Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceTacrolimus + sirolimusHBV-TCR T cells91.8----
25Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceTacrolimus + MMFHBV-TCR T cells40.4----
26Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceSirolimusHBV-TCR T cells40.5----
27Hafezi et al[19]--HCC recurrenceTacrolimus + sirolimusHBV-TCR T cells80.7----
28Xie et al[22]29MIR-NK cells12.91.5NoPR18Alive
29Pandey and Cohen[49]54FIR and ERTacrolimusIpilimumab55.77.5NoCR27Alive