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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Sep 15, 2021; 13(9): 1109-1120
Published online Sep 15, 2021. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v13.i9.1109
Table 1 Details of the articles retrieved from the searches
Study type
Type of hyperthermia
Tumor type
Falk et al[22], 19861nRCTRegionalPC
Kim et al[37], 1989pOSRegionalHCC
Kakehi et al[23], 19901RCTRegionalMixed, incl. HCC and PC
Nagata et al[63], 1990pOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC and CCC
Akuta et al[66], 1991pOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC
Hamazoe et al[51], 1991pOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC, PC and BC
Maeda et al[69], 1991CRRegionalHCC
Seong et al[65], 1991CRRegionalHCC
Yumoto et al[38], 19911RCTRegionalHCC
Kim et al[39], 1992nRCTRegionalHCC
Tanaka et al[64], 1992pOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC and CCC
Robins et al[25], 1993nRCTWhole-bodyMixed, incl. PC
Maeta et al[67], 1994rOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC
Seong et al[40], 1994pOSRegionalHCC
Nagata et al[41], 1997pOSRegionalMixed, incl. HCC and CCC
Robins et al[26], 1997nRCTWhole-bodyMixed, incl. HCC and PC
Dvorák et al[68], 2002CRRegionalHCC
Kamisawa et al[74], 2005pOSRegionalBC
Ostapenko et al[72], 20051pOSRegionalHCC
Mambrini et al[45], 2007pOSRegionalBC, incl. CCC and GC
Bull et al[27], 2008pOSWhole-bodyMixed, incl. PC
Cho et al[29], 2008pOSRegionalMixed, incl. PC
Ishikawa et al[52], 2008rOSRegionalPC
Ohguri et al[31], 20081rOSRegionalPC
Zhang et al[30], 2008pOSRegionalPC
Bakshandeh-Bath et al[28], 2009pOSWhole-bodyPC
Maluta et al[53], 20111pOSRegionalPC
Dani et al[58], 2012rOSmEHTPC
Ishikawa et al[47], 20121nRCTRegionalPC
Tschoep-Lechner et al[33], 2013rOSRegionalPC
Wang et al[73], 2013pOSRegionalHCC
Gadaleta-Caldarola et al[42], 2014pOSmEHTHCC
Volovat et al[32], 2014pOSRegionalPC
Chen et al[46], 2016rOSRegionalCCC
Dong et al[20], 20161RCTRegionalHCC
Yu et al[43,44], 2016, 20171nRCTRegionalHCC
Datta et al[62], 2017RCTRegionalPC
Fan et al[34], 2017rOSRegionalPC
Maebayashi et al[54], 2017rOSRegionalPC
Pang et al[59], 2017RCTmEHTMixed, incl. HCC and PC
Bonucci et al[57], 2018CRRegionalPC
Ryu et al[75], 2018CRRegionalCCC
Werthmann et al[56], 2018CRRegionalPC
Fiorentini et al[36], 2019rOSmEHTPC
He et al[35], 2019rOSRegionalPC
Iyikesici et al[55], 2020rOSRegionalPC