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World J Gastrointest Oncol. May 15, 2019; 11(5): 348-366
Published online May 15, 2019. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v11.i5.348
Table 1 Ongoing trials on colorectal cancer and exercise
NCT01325909Rectal cancerExercise programmeExercise training in colorectal cancer patientsCompleted
NCT03515356Colorectal cancerMotivational interviewing-walk intervention/physical activity education pamphletExercise to reduce chemotherapy-ınduced peripheral neuropathyRecruiting
NCT01924897Colorectal cancerExercise trainingPreop cardiopulmonary exercise testing and exercise training in colorectal patientsUnknown
NCT00985400Colorectal cancerExercise programme/telephone-based interventionDoctor-recommended home-based exercise program or relaxation training in improving physical function and controlling symptoms in patients with stage IV or recurrent colon cancer that cannot be removed by surgeryActive,not recruiting
NCT00230646Colon cancer/rectal cancerExercise counselingPromoting physical activity after colorectal cancerCompleted
NCT01133132Colon cancerSurvivorship CHESS (mobile comprehensive health enhancement support system)Interactive cancer communication system directed physical activity enhancement for colon cancer survivorsCompleted
NCT02597075Metastatic colorectal cancerStandard therapy+physical activity program/standard therapyPhysical activity in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who receive palliative first line chemotherapyRecruiting
NCT02191969Colorectal Cancer/fatigueWalk with easePhysical activity ıntervention for older patients during chemotherapy for colorectal cancerRecruiting
NCT02966054Colon cancer/rectal cancerDigital health physical activity ıntervention groupSelf-monitoring and reminder texts to ıncrease physical activity after cancer:a pilot randomized controlled trialCompleted
NCT00373022Colorectal Cancer/depression/anxiety disorderExercise programmeModerate physical activity in helping patients recover physically and emotionally from stage II or stage III colorectal cancerCompleted
NCT01708824Colorectal cancerPhysical activity/dietaryDiet and physical activity intervention in CRC survivorsUnknown
NCT03232814Colorectal cancerGroup-based walkingWalk on:a community-based approach to ıncrease physical activity among men treated for colorectal cancerWithdrawn
NCT01991847Colorectal cancerPhysical activityTertiary prevention by exercise in colorectal cancer therapyCompleted
NCT02056691Colorectal cancerExercise programme/muscle biopsyExercise induced changes in colorectal cancer tissuesCompleted
NCT00819208Colorectal cancer/anxiety/depression/fatigue/sleep disordersExercise interventionHealth education materials with or without a physical activity program for patients who have undergone treatment for high risk stage II or stage III colon cancerRecruiting
NCT02347852Colorectal neoplasmsRegorafenibAssessment of physical activity during therapy with regorafenib for metastatic colorectal cancerCompleted
NCT02780284Colorectal cancerPhysical activity interventionMicrobiome, exercise tracking studyUnknown
NCT02250053Colon cancer (stage 2 and 3)ExerciseExercise and colon cancerUnknown
NCT03049124Rectal cancerExerciseExercise for adults diagnosed with rectal cancerRecruiting
NCT03082495Rectal cancerExerciseExercise during and after neoadjuvant rectal cancer treatmentRecruiting
NCT03111823Stage IV colorectal cancerExercise interventionExercise program during chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancerTerminated
NCT00977613Colorectal cancerExercise counselingAdherence to a recommended exercise regimen in colorectal cancer patientsCompleted
NCT03291951Colon cancerResistance trainingFocus on reducing dose-limiting toxicities in colon cancer with resistance exercise studyEnrolling
NCT02264496Colorectal cancerExerciseProspective randomised trial of exercise and/pr antioxidants in colorectal cancer patients undergoing surgeryCompleted
NCT03120104Rectal cancerPelvic floor muscle exercisePhysical exercise for colorectal cancer patients after transanal total mesorectal excisionRecruiting
NCT03186638Colorectal cancer (stage 1-3)Exercise intervention/ibuprofenExercise and low-dose ibuprofen for cognitive ımpairment in colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotheapyRecruiting
NCT00668161Colon cancer preventionExerciseEffect of exercise on biomarkers of colon cancer riskCompleted
NCT02538913Rectal neoplasmsExercise trainingExercise training for rectal cancer patientsRecruiting
NCT02724306Colon polyps/adenomasActive lifestyle programmePhysical activity intervention with people at ıncreased risk of developing colon cancerCompleted
NCT01859442Locally advanced rectal cancerStructured responsive interval exercise training programmeThe effects of cancer therapies and exercise on mitochondrial energetics and fitnessCompleted
NCT01914068Rectal cancerSupervised exercise in hospitalThe effects of a 9 wk exercise programme on fitness and quality of life in rectal cancer patients after chemoradiotherapy and before surgeryCompleted
NCT02057991Colorectal cancer/anxiety/depression/fatigueEducational intervention/CAM exercise therapy (mindfulness exercise video)Mindfulness-based exercise video in educating Hispanic/Latino patients with colorectal cancer and their caregiversTerminated
NCT02403024Colorectal cancerInterval walkingFeasibility and Efficacy of Interval Walking in patients with colorectal cancerCompleted
NCT02188342Colorectal cancerHigh intensity interval trainingAssessing the effectiveness of a preoperative high intensity interval training programme in older colorectal cancer patientsCompleted
NCT03336229Colorectal cancerExercise InterventionEnhancing fitness with preoperative exercise in colorectal cancer surgeryNot yet recruiting
NCT02586701Colorectal cancerSupervised /non-supervised exerciseSupervised versus non-supervised exercise on adherence and functional outcomes in colorectal patientsCompleted
NCT01210313Colorectal cancerPhysical activityPhysical activity for reduction of recurrence rate after adjuvant chemotherapy for localised colorectal carcinomaCompleted
NCT02299596Colorectal cancerPhysical activityPhysical activity in relation to surgical proceduresRecruiting
NCT03361150Colorectal cancerPhysical activityHigh-intensity interval vs moderate continuous training in surgical prehabilitationCompleted
NCT02889276Colorectal cancerUnsupervised activity/Functional resistance trainingEffects of functional exercise on fitness and QoL in cancer survivorsRecruiting
NCT02895464Colorectal cancerExerciseFeasibility of home-based preoperative exercise in older peopleCompleted
NCT02499939Colorectal cancerExercise/ultrasound therapyUltrasound therapy and therapeutic exercise for chemotherapy ınduced peripheral neuropathyCompleted
NCT02522520Colorectal cancerPedometer interventionPedometer Intervention and health effects for sedentary colorectal cancer patients during adjuvant chemotherapyRecruiting
NCT02442583Colorectal cancerBrochure regarding sedentary behaviorReducing sedentary behaviors among colorectal cancer survivorsCompleted