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World J Gastrointest Oncol. Sep 15, 2018; 10(9): 260-270
Published online Sep 15, 2018. doi: 10.4251/wjgo.v10.i9.260
Table 1 Deregulations of long non-coding RNA associated with gastric cancer in this review
LncRNADeregulationBiological rolesRef.
HOTAIRUpregulatedInduces EMT and promotes metastasis[46-55]
H19UpregulatedPromotes cell growth, proliferation, invasion Promotes EMT[56-70]
GAS5DownregulatedSuppresses cell proliferation Sensitizes cells to ADM treatment[71-79]
MEG3DownregulatedSuppresses cell proliferation and metastasis[80-89]
LINC00152UpregulatedPromotes cell proliferation and tumor growth[90-95]
UCA1UpregulatedPromotes cell proliferation, invasion, metastasis Depresses resistance to ADM treatment[96-104]
MALAT1UpregulatedPromotes cell proliferation and invasion Promotes chemo-induced autophagy and chemoresistance[105-118]
ANRILUpregulatedPromotes tumor growth and metastasis[119-121]
FENDRRDownregulatedInhibits migration and invasion[122]
AFAP1-AS1UpregulatedPromotes cell proliferation and cell cycle progression[123, 124]
Sox2otUpregulatedPromotes cell growth and motility[125]
CCAT2UpregulatedPromotes EMT[126]
Linc00261DownregulatedRepresses metastasis Inhibits EMT[127]
SNHG5DownregulatedSuppresses cell proliferation and metastasis[128]
LincRNA717DownregulatedInhibits tumor growth and invasion[129]