Case Report
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World J Gastrointest Endosc. Oct 16, 2022; 14(10): 642-647
Published online Oct 16, 2022. doi: 10.4253/wjge.v14.i10.642
Figure 1
Figure 1 Physical examination. A: Alopecia; B: Onychodystrophy.
Figure 2
Figure 2 Endoscopy. A and B: Upper endoscopy revealed a diffuse markedly thickened gastric mucosa with numerous polypoidal lesions; C: Endoscopic ultrasound revealed a significantly hypertrophic mucosa and muscularis mucosa, but sparing of the submucosa and the muscularis propria; D and E: Colonoscopy showed multiple variable-sized, sessile, and pedunculated polyps, which were removed by snare polypectomy.
Figure 3
Figure 3  Histopathological examination showed marked hyperplasia and cystic dilation of foveolar glands with inflammatory cell infiltration including eosinophils, chronic gastritis, and Helicobacterpylori infection with no atypia or malignancy.
Figure 4
Figure 4 Follow-up endoscopies after 6 mo and 12 mo of treatment showed significant remission with a reduced number of gastric and colonic polyps and regression of hypertrophic gastric folds. A: Upper endoscopy; B: Colonoscopy.