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World J Hepatol. Apr 27, 2023; 15(4): 497-514
Published online Apr 27, 2023. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v15.i4.497
Table 1 Patients with liver disease in randomized controlled trials of sepsis and septic shock
Liver disease present (%)
Cirrhosis excluded
Rivers (2001)EGDT vs Standard 26361 (23)No
ProMISe Trial (2014)EGDT vs Standard 126022 (1.8)No
ARISE Trial (2014) EGDT vs Standard 160083 (5)No
ProCESS (2014)EGDT vs Standard 134111 (0.8)No
ANDROMEDA-SHOCK (2019)CRT vs Lactate clearance4240 (0)YesExcluded Child B and C
SMART Study (2018)Balanced crystalloids vs 0.9% NS15802180 (11)No
BaSICS Trial (2021)Balanced crystalloids vs 0.9% NS and Slow vs Fast bolus11052266 (2.4)No
PLUS Study (2022)Balanced crystalloids vs 0.9% NS5037NRNo
Classic Trial (2022)Restrictive vs Liberal fluids1554NRNo
SAFE Trial (2004)4% Albumin vs 0.9% NS6997NRNo
ALBIOS Study (2014)20% Albumin + Crystalloids vs Crystalloids alone181827 (1.4)NoExcluded cirrhotic patients with cirrhosis and ascites
VASST Trial (2008)Vasopressin vs NE77888 (11)NoExcluded Na < 130 mEq/L and irreversible disease with less than six-month survival
VANISH Trial (2016)Vasopressin vs NE - AKI 40914 (4)NoFactorial design (vasopressin/hydrocortisone)
ATHOS-3 (2018)Angiotensin-II vs Placebo344NRYesExcluded MELD > 30
CENSER (2019)Early NE vs Placebo31027 (9)No
CORTICUS Trial (2008)Hydrocortisone vs Placebo49940 (8)No
ADRENAL Trial (2018)Hydrocortisone vs Placebo3800NRNo
APROCCHSS Trial (2018)Hydrocortisone + Fludrocortisone vs Placebo1241NRYesExcluded Child C