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World J Stem Cells. Dec 26, 2017; 9(12): 203-218
Published online Dec 26, 2017. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v9.i12.203
Table 1 Meta-analysis evaluating left ventricle ejection fraction and other outcomes in acute myocardial infarction settings
Ref.Included studiesCell typePathologyMean change in LVEFOther outcomes
Hristov et al[104] (2007)5 RCTsBMMNCsAMI4.21%
482 subjects(P < 0.00001)
Abdel Latif et al[105] (2007)18 trials (RCTs/CSs)BMMNCsAMI3.66%Reduced infarct size
999 subjectsMSCs(P < 0.01)Reduced LVESV
BM-derived circulating progenitor cells
Lipinski et al[106] (2007)10 trials (RCTs/CSs)BMMNCsAMI3%Reduced infarct size
698 subjectsPMCs(P < 0.01)Reduced LVESV
Reduced recurrent AMI
Martin Rendon et al[107,108] (2008)13 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.99%Reduced LVESV
811 subjects(P = 0.0007)Reduced infarct size
Zhang et al[109] (2009)7 RCTsBMMNCsAMI4.63%Reduced LVEDV
660 subjects(P = 0.01)Reduced MACE
Bai et al[110] (2010)10 RCTsBMMNCsAMI3.79
814 subjects(P < 0.01)
Takagi et al[111] (2011)15 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.87%Reduced LVEDV
877 subjects(P < 0.00001)Reduced LVESV
Kuswardhani et al[10] (2011)10 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.07%Reduced LVESV
906 subjectsNucleated BMCs(P = 0.008)Reduced LVEDV
BMCsNo reduced mortality
MSCsReduced recurrent MI and
rehospitalization for HF
Clifford et al[70] (2012)33 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.87% maintained atReduced LVESV
1765 subjectsBM-CD34+12-61 moReduced LVEDV
BM-CD34+CXCR4+Reduced infarct size
Zimmet et al[11] (2012)29 RCTsBM-CD34+AMI2.70%No reduced LVEDV
1830 subjects(P < 0.001)No reduced LVESV
Chen et al[112] (2013)5 RCTsBMMNCsAMI4.18%No reduced LVESV
510 subjects(P = 0.0002)No reduced LVEDV
Jeong et al[113] (2013)17 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.51%Reduced LVESV
1072 patients(P = 0.0002)Reduced LVEDV
Delewi et al[114] (2013)24 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.23%Reduced LVESV at 6 and 12 mo
1624 subjectsBM-CD133+(P < 0.01)Reduced recurrent AMI
BM-CD134+Reduced readmission for HF, unstable angina/chest pain
BM-CD34+/CXCR4No reduction in infarct size
No reduction in LVEDV
Jong et al[18] (2014)30 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.10%Reduced LVESV
2037 subjectsMSCs(P = 0.004)Reduced infarct size
BM progenitor cellsNo reduced LVEDV/LVESV (MRI)
No reduced infarct size (MRI)
No effect on MACE at 6 mo
Liu et al[115] (2014)8 RCTsMSCsAMI3.17A trend toward reduced LVESV
262 subjectsBM-CD34+(P = 0.02)Reduced MACEs
BM-CD133+ CD34+
Delewi et al[116] (2014)16 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.55%Reduced LVEDV
1641 subjectsCD34+/CXCR4+(P < 0.001)Reduced LVESV
Nucleated BMCs
Gyöngyösi et al[117] (2015)12 RCTsBMMNCsAMINo improvementNo impact on MACE
1252BM-CD34+CXCR4No reduction on LVESV/LVEDV
Fisher et al[17] (2015)41 RCTsBMMNCsAMINo improvement in LVEF measured by MRI;No reduced MACE
2732 subjectsBM-CD34+2%-5% increase by echo, PET CT and LV angiographyNo effect on morbidity, quality of life/performance
Cong et al[12] (2015)17 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.74%Reduced LVESV at 3-6 mo
1393 subjectsBM-CD34+(P < 0.00001, 3-6 mo)Reduced WMSI at 3-6 mo
5.1% (P < 0.00001,
12 mo)
Lee et al[118] (2016)43 RCTsBMMNCsAMI2.75%No reduced infarct size at 6 mo
2635 subjectsBM-CD133+(P < 0.001) 6 moReduced infarct size at 1 yr
BM-CD34+1.34 % (P = 0.03) at 1 yrNo reduced infarct size at 3 or 5 yr
MSCsNo reduction at 3 and 5 yrNo reduced mortality at 6 mo and 1 yr
Reduced all-cause mortality at 5 yr
Table 2 Meta-analysis evaluating left ventricular ejection fraction and other outcomes in chronic, or chronic and acute settings
Ref.Included studiesCell typePathologyMean change in LVEFOther outcomes
Wen et al[119] (2011)8 RCTsBMMNCsCIHD8.40%Reduced LVESV
307 subjectsBM-CD34+HF(P < 0.01)Reduced LVEDV
Zhao et al[120] (2011)10 RCTsBM-CD34+/CD133+CIHD4.02%Reduced LVEDV Reduced LVESV
422 subjectsBMMNCs
Donndorf et al[121] (2011)6 trialsBMMNCsCIHD5.40%No reduced LVESV
(4 RCTs and 2 CSs)BM-CD34+(P = 0.09)No reduced MACEs
Jeevanantham et al[122] (2012)50 trials (RCTs, CSs)BMMNCsAMI3.96%Reduced infarct size
2625BM-CD133+ and/or BM-CD34+CIHD(P < 0.00001)Reduced LVESV
subjectsMSCsReduced LVEDV
MSCs and EPCs
Jiang et al[123] (2010)18 RCTsBMCsAMI or CIHD2.93%Reduced LVESV
980 subjectsBMMNCs(P < 0.00001)Reduced LVEDV
MSCsReduced infarct area
Cheng et al[124] (2013)5 RCTsBMMNCsChronic ischemic HFNo significant increaseIncreased 6-min walk distance
210 subjectsSMImproved MLHF score
Reduced NYHA class
No reduce in all-cause mortality
Kandala et al[125] (2013)10 RCTsUnselected BMCsCIHD4.48%Reduced LVESV
Enriched BMCs(P < 0.0001)Reduced LVEDV
Sadat et al[126] (2014)32 trials (24 RCTs and 8 non-RCTs)BMMNCsACS and4.6 ± 0.7Improved perfusion
2306 subjectsBM-CD34+CAD/HF(P < 0.05)
Xu et al[127] (2014)19 RCTsBMMNCsCIHD3.54%Reduced LVESV
886 subjectsCD133+(P < 0.001)No reduced LVEDV
Circulating CPCs
Peripheral blood SCs
Tian et al[128] (2014)11 RCTsBMMNCsCIHD4.91%Reduced LVESV
492 subjectsCD34+(P < 0.00001)Reduced LVEDV
Fisher et al[129] (2014)23 RCTsBMMNCsCIHD2.62%Reduced mortality
1255 subjectsCPCsHF(P = 0.02, ≥ 12 mo)Reduced hospitalization HF
HSCs(≥ 12 mo)
MSCsNo effect on mortality, rehospitalization for HF at short term (< 12 mo)
Reduced LVESV
Reduced stroke volume index (≥ 12 mo)
Reduced NYHA class
Reduced CCS score
Fisher et al[67] (2015)31 RCTsBMMNCsHF2.06%Reduced mortality
1521 subjectsBMMNCs/CPCs(P < 0.0001)Reduced rehospitalization for HF
BM-CD34+Improved performance status
MSCsImproved QOL
(enriched CD34+)
Rendon et al[130] (2016)6BMMNCsIHDNo significant increase in LVEF in IHD/HFReduced mortality in IHD/HF
systematic reviewsBM-CD133+ and/or BM-CD34+AMINo reduce mortality in AMI
Peripheral blood-derived cells
(enriched CD34+)
Fisher et al[80] (2016)38 RCTsBMMNCsCIHDImprovement (MRI analysis)Reduced mortality
1907 subjectsMSCsHFon short-term(≥ 12 mo)
BM-CD133+Refractory anginaNo improvement on long-termReduced non-fatal AMI
BM-CD34+Reduced arrhythmias risk
CPCNo reduced rehospitalization
No reduced MACE
Fisher et al[81] (2017)38 RCTsBMMNCsCIHDImprovement (MRI analysis)Reduced long-term
1907 subjectsProgenitor cellsHFon short-termmortality
Refractory anginaNo improvement on long-termReduced refractory angina
Reduced non-fatal MI
Reduced arrhythmias
Reduced rehospitalization for HF/MACE
No impact on QOL
Improved exercise capacity at long-term