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World J Stem Cells. Jul 26, 2012; 4(7): 62-70
Published online Jul 26, 2012. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v4.i7.62
Table 1 miRNA mediated regulation in the maintenance and function of stem cells
miRNAFunctions in stem cellsMechanism(s)Ref.
Pluripotent miRNAs
miR-290 cluster, miR-370, miR-302Promotes self-renewalRegulate embryonic stem cell cycle[32]
miR-141, miR-200, miR-429Maintenance of self-renewal in the absence of leukemia inhibitory factorRegulated by cMyc proteins[66]
miR-9Proliferation and promote NSC migrationTarget Stmn1, which increases microtubule instability[67]
Neurite outgrowthInhibit Cdc42 expression and altering the localization of Rac1
miR-184NSC proliferationRepresses the expression of Numb-like 1[68]
miR-137Promotes NSC proliferation but inhibits neuronal maturation, dendritic morphogenesis, and spine developmentTarget Mind bomb 1, an ubiquitin ligase[69]
Pro-differentiation miRNAs
miR-134, miR-145, miR-296, miR-470Initiate differentiationSuppress pluripotent markers including Nanog, Oct4, Sox, Klf4[33]
Let-7Stabilize differentiationTarget transcripts that are regulated by the pluripotency transcription factors Oct4, Sox2, Nanog and Tcf3[34]
Promote somatic cell cycle by targeting both directly and indirectly the multiple activators of the G1-S transition including cdc25a, cdk6, cyclinD1 and cyclinD2[35-37]
miR-124NSC differentiationSuppress Sox9 expression in adult NSCs and exhibit mutual inhibition mechanism of Ephrin-B1[70]
Table 2 Aberrant miRNA expression in cancer stem cell
miRNATumor typeMechanism(s)Ref.
miRNA as oncomiR
miR-17-92 polycistronUpregulated in lung, breast, stomach, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancersRegulate c-Myc expression[46,47]
miR-21, miR-205Head and neck cancerTarget transcripts of tumor suppressive genes including kinesin family member 1B isoform α, hypermethylated in cancer 2, and pleomorphic adenoma gene 1[71]
miR-372, miR-373Testicular germ cellsNeutralize p53-mediated CDK inhibition, possibly through direct inhibition of the expression of the tumor-suppressor LATS2[72]
miR-21Breast cancerTarget tumor suppressor tropomyosin 1[73]
miR-126Gastric carcinomaTargets SOX2, and PLAC1[48]
Let-7Hepatocellular carcinomaTargets SOCS1, caspase-3[56]
miR-181Hepatocellular carcinomaTargets RASSF1A, TIMP3 as well as nemo-like kinase[56]
miR-495Breast cancerModulated by transcription factor E12/E47, suppresses E-cadherin expression to promote cell invasion and inhibits regulated in development and DNA damage responses 1 expression to enhance cell proliferation in hypoxia through post-transcriptional mechanism[74]
miRNAs as tumor suppressors
Let-7Colon adenocarcinomasTarget Lin-28b which promotes cell migration, invasion and transforms immortalized colonic epithelial cells[50]
miR-15 miR-16 clusterChronic lymphocytic leukemiaTargets the apoptotic inhibitor Bcl-2[47]
miR-29CholangiocarcinomaRegulate the anti-apoptotic protein Mcl-1[75]
miR200cHead and neck squamous cell carcinomaNegatively modulates the expression of BMI1 and ZEB1[62]
miR-125bGliomaDecreases the cell cycle regulated proteins CDK6 and CDC25A[76]